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Islam is the world's fastest growing religion - BBC News
Published: 1 month ago By: BBC News

Islam could overtake Christianity as the world's biggest religion by 2070 according to the US-based Pew Research Center.

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Allahu akbar to all the haters suck zionists cock islam is powerful no god but allah inshaallah


Stink186 6 days ago

Killing apostates and chaining women into baby making machines has its demographic pay off.


Billy 1 week ago

The true religion of god

Fascism For The People!

Fascism For The People! 2 weeks ago

That's only because Atheism isn't a religion. ; )

Torbjørn Larsen

Torbjørn Larsen 2 weeks ago

islam the fastest growing mental illness.

yudi yanto

yudi yanto 2 weeks ago

the infidel will not survive!
I mean we will spread a lovely Teachin religion :)

Taimoor Abdullah

Taimoor Abdullah 2 weeks ago

Only islam is the truthful religion in this universe.. May ALLAH give all of us the right path to choose.. proud to be a muslim..

Trundo Kusea

Trundo Kusea 2 weeks ago

Yea wrong Indonesia is now 20% Christian and growing China will be the bigest Christian country by 2050 with over 250 milions Christian


MED 2 weeks ago

Hey, do you want to know why Islam is growing right now?

It is because of you are islamophobic. You hate Islam so much till you tried so hard to argue with some people by searching and reading sources so you can get flaws of this religion even a bit but ended up, Allah gives you hidayah and opens your heart to accept Islam because what you find is only peace in this religion. And then, you will only laugh about it because its funny when your past tried so hard to hate Islam and to influence some people of some false stories you heard. Don’t believe me? Try read Holy Quran, you will find all answers in there.

P/S: Dont blame Islam, blame the Muslims who make the mistakes. PEACE <3

cookie Milk1

cookie Milk1 2 weeks ago


Matthew Whittenham

Matthew Whittenham 2 weeks ago

Thoughts and prayers for the victims in yesterdays terror attack. Once again islam shows its ugly vile face.


FlyFoxHD 2 weeks ago

Many people hate Islam but the more u hate it, the faster its grow...... dont u feel something weird?.... Cause its the religion of God u cant stop it...

abdul altamimi

abdul altamimi 2 weeks ago

haters gonna hate, keep on rolling and trolling u will lost at the end, and islam will win, cuz islam is the way.

That Boy Who Likes Birds

That Boy Who Likes Birds 3 weeks ago

Don't look st the comments! its filled with ignorant people!


sacredmooncat 3 weeks ago

bet all the islam-haters have zero knowledge on islam. if only closed minds came with closed mouths -.-

Asif Zisan

Asif Zisan 3 weeks ago

The more they hate islam the more Islam is growing faster nobody nvr stop the truth


Whatever 3 weeks ago

Hahaha so many triggered :) we will rise

Mark Mywords

Mark Mywords 3 weeks ago

Q: Cui bono?
A: The governments/establishement/NWO (call it what you will).
People have been getting too smart over the 20th century. Islam (among a number of other things) can curb that process and make people more governable again. It is ridiculous to watch the liberals welcoming that.

Rashel Ali

Rashel Ali 3 weeks ago



Nathan 3 weeks ago

more like fastest spreading desease

Faisal Saeed

Faisal Saeed 3 weeks ago

Islam has the right to show its real teachings!! Not what media says or even muslims because sometimes culture get mixed with religion and thats the problem
Alhamdullilah(praise to God) he will win his religion above all others and peace upon whoever follows the guidance...

lover boy

lover boy 3 weeks ago

ha ha ha ha big jock i want tell every some words please don 't change your own religion if you born like Christian live like a christian and die like a christian that set and please if you find any one asking to come in to our religion just kill him because it wrong big wrong friends

imran sk

imran sk 3 weeks ago

peace spread fastly

muhammad dng

muhammad dng 3 weeks ago

And God hath full power and control over His affairs; But most among mankind know it not. ( Holy Quran )

Banu Mourad

Banu Mourad 4 weeks ago

To tell you the truth, as a Muslim , it get's so annoying when other Muslim say that " Islam is the fastest growing religion ".

Said Hassan

Said Hassan 4 weeks ago

Everyone is perfect

protik kharka

protik kharka 4 weeks ago

this is red signal....basically.

Bryan Stewart

Bryan Stewart 4 weeks ago

islam is growing because of polygamy. The muslims are doing a type of "out breed the west jihad". Why do you think it is proscribed that only Muslim men can marry a none muslim women. But a none muslim man cannot marry a none muslim women. It is a one sided intolerant ideology.


bowo88 4 weeks ago

christian people must be have a lot child to equipose muslim people. a lot child a lot means of living

Essam Mesih Salib

Essam Mesih Salib 4 weeks ago

MashAllah. I'm so happy Islam is the fastest growing religion. I hope we can all live in peace, Islam and Muslims aren't going anywhere so we must learn to live in peace (Salaam) :))

Niklas Koka

Niklas Koka 4 weeks ago

We are al fucked by muslim c0cks in 2070.

OP Police Officer Dickhead

OP Police Officer Dickhead 4 weeks ago

Come to my country and i will personally rape and burn everypage of the quran you Fucks


der KLAVIER 4 weeks ago

have more wives have more kids , logic .


AMAN ALI SHAH 4 weeks ago

recently i converted to islam ...islam is the most amazing religion just read ...read ...read.

Maccabeus Quintus

Maccabeus Quintus 4 weeks ago

Whenever I hear anything about Islam I ask myself, "What would Genghis Khan do?"

Mr Perfect

Mr Perfect 4 weeks ago

Thank God I left Hinduism, now I am Muslim search zakir naik

Sadik Khan

Sadik Khan 4 weeks ago


Darus Smins

Darus Smins 4 weeks ago

God save us from religion.


CertifiedTHUG 4 weeks ago

I am from india and i am non muslim(HINDU) , i am happy hindu will be majority in india even in 2050,i guess this comment of mine will not be liked by some my muslim fellow from india ,but i am sorry to say when muslim population reaches 40% or above then there is no place for non-muslims and that is bitter truth for modern thinking muslim .Non muslim are harassed by radical muslims or imams or mullana when there people are in majority.But i am happy islam is growing but i am equally concerned too about my security of religion and beliefs like people around the world in europe and america are concerned!!! .My concern and other people concern have reason because everyone has seen the face of radical islam and it is horrible .Mostly Muslim countries from Pakistan to morocco where radicalization is booming so that make non muslim to feel unsecure about growing population of islam

Peter M

Peter M 4 weeks ago

God help the rest of the world if this to be.

Rayan Laguindab

Rayan Laguindab 4 weeks ago

WE ARE 1.6B in this world . and only few are extremist. if we will sum it up its just 0.71% approximately only 300,000 people all around the world so why you hate the rest of us ?
we do believe as what you believe , the only difference is we did not changed the commandments given by god to ADAM , SOLOMON , JACOB , ABRAHAM , JESUS , TO MUHAMMAD. we perserve the revelation coming from god that he is ONE AND ONLY , HE HAS NO SON NOR PARTNERS , HIS THE EVER LIVING , THE KING OF ALL KINGS , THE MOST MERCIFUL "ÄLLAH"

go to your original bible without any translation , Jesus even mentioned his name when his on the Cross calling ËLI ELI SABATHAN meaning "GOD GOD WHY DID YOU FORSAKEN ME?"isnt it enough to conclude why Jesus is just a messenger and the real reason he is been sent is for us to BELIEVE there is GOD .

MY Canal TV

MY Canal TV 4 weeks ago

stupid man will be more!!

European Identitarian

European Identitarian 4 weeks ago

Atheism will be even bigger by 2100.


rabblerouser 4 weeks ago

Trucks of peace!
Aloha snack bar!
Anyone who mocks KEK must perish! There is but one true KEK, and Pepe is his prophet!
Peas be upon you.
Salami lick'em, lick'em salami.
May KEK bring'th thou LULZ!
Aloha snack bar my brothers!

I Love U.S.A

I Love U.S.A 4 weeks ago

Islam is not a religion is just another Dictatorship Political Party ! Search for Sharia In YourTube.


Daemonlinks 4 weeks ago

So tell us BBC  - Do you always defend MUSLIMS because they rape little underage girls just like BBC staff do - So you relate to them - Is that your problem BBC?

junaid syed

junaid syed 4 weeks ago

Muslims are already in large numbers


McFartpants 4 weeks ago

Do as the Serbs did to the Muslims, take their entire family out of their home line them up in their front yard and do it to them !

Monarchist 18

Monarchist 18 1 month ago

I wish the BBC would be more friendly towards Christianity instead of attacking it.

zubis star

zubis star 1 month ago

islam is best, i am so proud of being muslims , i love my religion, i just love my religion, but i also respect other religions as well because we muslims are commanded not to say bad things about other people's religion 😊☺😊

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