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"He was holding soldier by neck" - eyewitnesses to Paris-Orly attack - BBC News
Published: 2 months ago By: BBC News

Eyewitnesses speak about the Paris-Orly airport attack where a man was shot dead after he tried to grab a soldier's gun. The man, named as "Ziyed B", was killed by security forces in France after attacking a patrol in the airport's south terminal. Earlier on Saturday 18 March he had been involved in a shooting and then a carjacking in the Paris area. Prosecutors have opened an anti-terror investigation. Ziyed B had been reported as radicalised in the past, and was on a police watch-list.

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Drexler John

Drexler John 1 month ago

all leader in europe wake up now.all people in europe unite and hire a criminal or ex military christian that there job is to killed this animal muslim refugee everyday went they are praying or rally or praying this animal muslim refugee fire a machine gun to them.tell christian are peace religion.follow israel and trump policy they dont trust muslim refugee.they know that man,woman and children of this animal muslim refugee are all traitor.wake up europe follow this idea.so that europe will peace again if you killed this animal muslim refugee.

Angel Gutierrez

Angel Gutierrez 2 months ago

Not even two days Later there's another attack by radical Muslims...

daphnee Popcorn2

daphnee Popcorn2 2 months ago

Justin Mohammed Trudeau wants this for Canada. the sexual assaults by the refugees have already started. thanks trudeau u incompetent excuse for a leader. Canada needs Trump before we become the next Sweden

ivan Testycle

ivan Testycle 2 months ago


The Castellan

The Castellan 2 months ago

Shame they only got to kill him once.


蝴蝶剑流星 2 months ago

This time he will not be called an Islamic freedom fighter because he assaulted a Western country.

handsoffmygun MF

handsoffmygun MF 2 months ago

This is not the first and it won't be the last attack. Until Muslims are banned from a country, you will have terrorist attacks. There will always be a certain percentage of Muslims that will decide to start practicing their religion and obeying this garbage that tells them to kill infidels.

Can I touch it

Can I touch it 2 months ago

Does France realize what it has done by letting so many muslims into their country? Paris used to be a destination for US tourists, but not anymore, people see the terrorism and don't go. This is costing them billions of dollars in tourism.

James Bond

James Bond 2 months ago

Is no one else disgusted by the fact the first man saw the female being strangled and ran away because "he knew it was serious" what a coward.


Christer 2 months ago

Matthew 7:15-20 ‘Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thorns, or figs from thistles? In the same way, every good tree bears good fruit, but the bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Thus you will know them by their fruits.

News Today 2017

News Today 2017 2 months ago

thanks you merkel


김정희 2 months ago

오프라인으로 소스코드로 장난치는놈 수배합니다.


김정희 2 months ago

계정훔쳐서 이름바꿔가면서 장난치는게 누구야 ?


김정희 2 months ago

공개수배 합니다 .jeonghi.jeong1.김정희.


김정희 2 months ago

내 계정 가지고 장난질한 놈나와

Miele Rodriguez

Miele Rodriguez 2 months ago

Islam, the religion of peace. A vile ideology which needs to be called out for for what it is.


James 2 months ago

Best comedy show BBC has done yet

Phil Jermakian

Phil Jermakian 2 months ago


Isra Power

Isra Power 2 months ago

The Usual Suspects.... Again.... Very Surprising!!!!!!


TheCausation 2 months ago

Civil war is coming to France.

Daniella Thoelen

Daniella Thoelen 2 months ago

It looks like another of those FAKE bs stories, it has ALL the usual BS showing!
BTW, I think that the time line of martial law in France is almost up, so they NEED another "attack" to re-instate plus make it INDEFINITE!


user 2 months ago


Hrundi Bakshi

Hrundi Bakshi 2 months ago

Le Pen est votre seul espoir.

Frankenstein XO

Frankenstein XO 2 months ago

These retards are so scared of few gun shots while in other part of the world, people got bombs dropping directly into their houses in a daily basis.


martybogroll1979 2 months ago

Another psyop yawn

William Tyndale

William Tyndale 2 months ago

Pack of lying scum.


pablo9364 2 months ago

At last finally. A BBC report showing it is like it is. Assuming the translation is correct this looks like real news. Without a pompous old fashioned British journalist expressing their biased views AND without the classic petty minded BBC subtitles targeted against the naive and stupid. A real news report. WOW

Alex Swinden

Alex Swinden 2 months ago

Protect France: Vote Le Pen!


FARUMP 2 months ago

BBC doing its level best not to tell us who the attacker is .... this sort of censorship for PC propaganda purposes is sickening. They are doing their best to try a make us believe all is well with the disasterous open border love in. It is not.


oudwijker 2 months ago

I think here save switch was onn 👍🏻


ilovevegies2 2 months ago

stop airing interviews with scared people please.. it only encourages the infantile weakminded nutjobs.


issareign 2 months ago

How will poor little france recover from this horribly devastating attack.

Tom Tchikofski

Tom Tchikofski 2 months ago


Grape Eyes

Grape Eyes 2 months ago

Witness... You mean paid actor!!

Jano Raja

Jano Raja 2 months ago

why francois hollande police killed innocent psychiatric patient?


GIFT1FROM1THE1GODZ 2 months ago

Religion of peace.
Sorry I meant to say: Orwellian double-speak.

Michael Mariner

Michael Mariner 2 months ago

Oh look,Yet another Psy Op by the globalist's In France..People are dumb.

Człowiek Kot

Człowiek Kot 2 months ago

we need more immigrants. more! !!!!!!!

Kylo_Ren _08843

Kylo_Ren _08843 2 months ago

Sucked in you worthless, terrorist weakling! And sucked in to all the terrorist sympathisers at the BBC :-)

Duncan Griffiths

Duncan Griffiths 2 months ago

muslim man. I see what they're trying to do already.


vothry 2 months ago

What else would you expect a Frenchmen to say? 0:10

razz P

razz P 2 months ago

All you have to do it stop importing in muslims. they will cause more trouble than benefit for any country. why is this so hard?


ReadyOrNot 2 months ago

"and then, when we realized that it was serious, we ran away..."

But of course 😂 just ribbing yall Frenchies.. glad the Islamic Terrorist was put down fast!

The True Fizz

The True Fizz 2 months ago

I'm just going to assume it's those Buddhists again, right?

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