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Venezuela crisis: Three killed at anti-government protests - BBC News
Published: 4 days ago By: BBC News

At least three people have been killed in Venezuela in protests against the government of President Nicolas Maduro. A teenager in the capital Caracas and a woman in San Cristobal, near the Colombian border, were shot dead. A national guardsman was killed south of the capital.

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taha8T1 36 minutes ago

socialism only works when you build the neccessary infrastructure for socialism to work
concentration camps
personality cults
public executions
bread lines
forced sterilization

venezuela lacks all this infrastructure

Akil Jacob

Akil Jacob 13 hours ago

Thanks to this crisis Trinidad now has a lot of venezuelan women that come to "work". Us Trini's love em, we don't mind at.

Dragoon Z

Dragoon Z 15 hours ago

the country will split BOLIEVE DAT

Angelica Santos

Angelica Santos 23 hours ago

igual ao Brasil

Dominik Hildebrand

Dominik Hildebrand 1 day ago

US interventions again. imagine my shock...

Shirley Bertrand

Shirley Bertrand 2 days ago

But i thought Michael Moore and Oliver Stone said this was a marxist utopia?😂😂😂

Penky Hanky

Penky Hanky 2 days ago

wooo bumper cars!

Hakan Demirtaş

Hakan Demirtaş 2 days ago

derin amerikan devleti iş başında.

itsgoingtobe alt-right

itsgoingtobe alt-right 2 days ago

Another right wing revolution. Hail brothers


havocmaster69 2 days ago

The USA will keep fracking oil we do not need yours PS I had staek and fried shrimp with a baked potato today. What you all eat? Anything?


havocmaster69 2 days ago

You have cats and dogs on the street have a cook out and "Chow" down. Plenty to eat for everyone.


havocmaster69 2 days ago

If you want we can replace him with Hillary, Obama and Bernie sanders

souven ir

souven ir 2 days ago


This is precisely what the founding fathers wrote the second amendment to prevent.

If the Venezuelan people were armed with the kinds of guns lefties are constantly trying to ban, they'd be kicking ass and on their way to undoing the damage they did in their greed.

souven ir

souven ir 2 days ago

"A socialist is a man who wants all the money in the world shared out equally among all the people in the world...

Then, when he has spent his, he wants it shared out again."

These people aren't rioting for freedom, they're rioting because their laziness ran their country into the ground and now they can't get out of the socialism trap.

They aren't noble, they're selfish. The few decent men among them were dragged down with the ship.

If the majority of these people were hard-working, decent folks, this never would have happened.

Socialism isn't the community each donating a part to build the crippled man a wheelchair, it's breaking everybodies legs so he doesn't feel disadvantaged.

They're reaping what they've sown. That said, good luck to them. I hope the rest of the world learns a lesson from this, but all of the prior socialist shitstorms have done nothing to prevent these things, so...

Hold onto your guns, fellow Americans. And fight socialism in your country as hard as you can.

souven ir

souven ir 2 days ago

Oh, a socialist country is in chaos because the people are tired of starving to death?

In other news: water is wet

Saw this coming years ago. Why? Because this is always how socialism ends. If the people are smart enough to stand up before it becomes communism.

But "dat not real socialism" eh, lefties? Hahaha

Virma Castillo

Virma Castillo 3 days ago

Abusadores no pongan más la juventud a morir tiren las piedras uds . abusadores

Cristal Vega

Cristal Vega 3 days ago

please help these persons 💔😭

Teresa Figueroa

Teresa Figueroa 3 days ago

Todo esto es provocado por el sucio e hipocrita imperio capitalista que quiere tomar posesion del petroleo de ese pais en Honduras nos han impuesto un delincuente narcotraficante que saqueo el seguro social y ha violado un sin numero de veces la constitucion ellos se han auto proclamdo como los policias y jueces del mundo tal como lo dijo el famoso harrison ford quien les ha dado tal envestidura nada mas que su poder capitalista

Perembe Primero

Perembe Primero 3 days ago

u.s.a was worst ppl suicide and falling from buildings lol and least venezuelans fight for !!!!!

Guilherme Henrique

Guilherme Henrique 3 days ago


The Rational

The Rational 3 days ago

And people my age want socialism in North America.. No thank you. Leave the work in the hands of the people, not the government.

Emma Emmaki

Emma Emmaki 3 days ago

The people are protesting for their rights but none of the European countries help them but they know how to support USA for the bombings Fake politicians with fake ideas.

TinFoil Overlord

TinFoil Overlord 3 days ago

Socialists made your bed. Now you lay in it.

busy boy

busy boy 3 days ago

the Maduro gov. has done an amazing job to fuck up the economy of the 8th oil producer in the world with one of the richest land on the planet.Not easy ti do that.So now we do not have the socialist Chavez dream we got a daily nightmare.

busy boy

busy boy 3 days ago

So now all the dead bodies are ""to restore order "".THE ORDER HAS BEEN FUCK UP 2 YEARS AGO BY THE GOVERMENT.

busy boy

busy boy 3 days ago

What a pretty ALIBY the Maduro gov. has found lately.......people are rioting and get killed by the police traying to restore order.
If the police stay home nobody get killed.

Max p

Max p 3 days ago

stop encouraging socialism in the comments just dont

James Smith

James Smith 3 days ago

Excellent example of what happens when the socialists run out of other peoples money to spend. No other outcome is possible. If only the socialists and libtards in the USA would learn from the mistakes of others. Interesting that Maduro is now arming his loyalists to assists in keeping the recently disarmed citizens in line. How long before the elimination begins? Here we are witnessing the invertible result of long term socialism. Other countries will soon find themselves in the same situation. Hurry up and complete that wall and increase the border patrol personal and equipment before we are inundated with all the destitute of South America. Bolivar is next in line with others right behind them.

Logically Brainwashed

Logically Brainwashed 3 days ago

Corbyn the bum and Bernie the bum's dreams come true. Just look at what the U.K. and U.S. could be!!!!


platipot 3 days ago

Socialism is truly amazing thing! Together with communism - it is the easiest ideology to sell to idiots. "Do as we tell you, and we will bring you Paradise on Earth"! It worked for Lenin, for Castro, for Mao, for Chaves, for Ho Chi Minh, for Kim Il-sung. Almost worked for Barack Hussein and Bernie Sanders. For all the other starry eyes evil idiots who SINCERELY BELIEVED in goodness and purity of all the human nature. And EVERY chance they got the power, and saw that NOTHING is working their way - they just KNEW that the "masses" are not smart enough and not hard working enough and not selfless enough, to build that "Paradise on Earth". So they would need to kill some of those "masses"! To show them the right path to real prosperity and happiness. When it did not work - they would have to kill some more. And more, and more. So far they have succeeded only in North Korea, where people are so starved and scary, so they turned in low life beasts of burden.

Young, affluent, well dressed and wielding iPhones and lattes American youth, and not only youth - CANNOT POSSIBLE understand that. The one who had NEVER experienced real hunger or real pain - cannot know how it really feels! So the history WILL present this lesson to America. Trump or not :(. Regretfully - it is inevitable. Just like Venezuela now - United States WILL go through the REAL POVERTY and mizery. We will face several starved generations (see Russia 20 years ago and now, or China some 25 years ago and now).

Welcome to "Democratic Socialism" - Specifically for idiots who claim that Bernie is "Democratic Socialist" (od "Social Democrat") - North Korea is actually called DEMOCRATIC People's Republic


sumthin5 3 days ago

Socialism, not even once.

The Learner

The Learner 3 days ago

I don't know why people say Venezuela is socialist, Venezuela just like Brazil is nothing it is just a country in the hands of very corrupt people, I wish the US would invade my country and take over everything so we could learn some lessons. worse even is that people just disregard the condition of those countries which capitalism is the choosen system to say this or that system is terrible, a small look at the poor Americans and we see how much better capitalism is, what a joke.

Лзута Иалас

Лзута Иалас 3 days ago

Shoot all of them

Jonathan Ocampo

Jonathan Ocampo 3 days ago

No Revolution for you Venezuela. You gave up your right to live in freedom and liberty when you handed those firearms in. Now you get to enjoy your socialism.

Artful Dodger

Artful Dodger 3 days ago

Left wing Socialism has totally fucked the country up. Shame.

Pedro Bossio

Pedro Bossio 3 days ago

There's a time to fight and the people of Venezuela don't seem to know this. They think that if they keep protesting, something is going to change or somebody is going to come and get rid of Maduro for them. This is sad.

John P

John P 3 days ago

33C, BB/33 being the number of the devil. Mainstream news has been high jacked by the satanic elite run by the rothschilds/red nation working out of the satanic sovereign state/griffin ,City of london.  People need to wake up. You're nOt spinning anywhere. Look out the window, if you can see one from your back door/ red nation, communist corporate tyranny [email protected] BEEN BRAINWAsHED. Duped. THEY ARE GAS LiGHTING yoU. The biggest lie...Globe earth. The curve is supposed to be 66feet over ten miles but we can see land well over 100miles away. The suez canal is 100miles with no locks. Military lasers work over a distance of 50miles and they are stright. Just have to see how water apparently only curves in oceans. Water is flat everywhere else accept in the oceans which wrap around the earth which we cannot see from land but only from very high up. That's convenient. Even Einstein could have figured that out! Apparently water only defies gravity when It wants to. Tides are not uniform and do not affect lakes. The moon's phases have nothing to do with the sun. Antarctica is 30degrees colder than the arctic and does not get 24hour sunlight. For more truth or lies see Texe Marrs, Eustace Mullins, Antony Sutton, Stanley Monteith, Christopher Bollyn and Edward Hendrie. We have been lied to by Satanic, freemason, illuminati, establishment about, science, religion, money, wars, archeology, history, 911. You name it. Oh and you can forget Copernicus's(15 century, yes 15th century he figured out outer space! It would be funny if it wasn't true) space, "planets" and aliens! It's "difficult" to comprehend and accept the scale of deceit. It takes time for it all to sink in. Trolluminati need not comment!!! Interesting how the Catholic Church promoted the Copernican "theory" and how the Church of England (who's head is a pagan!) made it the school curriculum. Interesting how the Queen is head of the Church of England and the Freemasons. The Church's are ruled by satanic freemasons that's why they deny the flat earth truth of the Bible and that's why they promote "Israelite" Zionism as today's Khazar Jews are not the  "Israelites" of the Bible. Kushner and Soros are extreme New world order/zionists and Kushner's office is at 666 fifth avenue, 5 being the number for death for Satanists. NASA/Hollywood has been brainwashing humanity for years; Star Wars, Alien, Close encounters, blah, blah, blah. When Jesus called us sheep and young children he didn't mean for us to be gullible. It's an Oligarchy. Your soul is being spun by countless onion layers of BS.
The systems to control "terrorism" are being created to control the masses when they finally wake up and realise the lying tyrannical establishment that's controlling them. The earth is flat as it says in the KJV Bible. Nature is full of diversity and miracles that disprove evilution and prove an omnipresent creator and controller. Turtles locate ascension island from 1500 miles away. Migrations are of God. Cicada swarm every 17years. tides are fundamental to reproduction and feeding. Insect organisation reflects behaviour which can't be explained by their mental capacity. Geese fly over the Himalayas having special blood. A fish changes sex in two weeks. All birds have 9 air pockets in their bodies. Evil spirits and demons are as prevalent today as they ever were. Read the Bible and learn about them and this world. The righteous are targeted because they are righteous in satan's world. Mainstream media is a brainwashing lie. Almighty God knows everything about everyone and will judge everyone.


patslam88 3 days ago

that's more like millions

John E

John E 3 days ago

Bernie's America.


chronok 3 days ago

but but this is not nordic socialism (which has super high economic freedom and strong private sector) ... but but this is not communism! real communism has never been tried... haha lefties rot in your own ideological mess


SdH76zhEU 3 days ago

I used to be a chavez-sympathisant, and a leftist, but honestly what has happend about the last 10 years in venezuela sounds really bad, may the cia do what ever they may be doing there, who knows really, but a god politician has to know when to leave, before turning hes country in to chaos... and god dman weapening simple people, is insane, sry!

Greg B

Greg B 3 days ago

is this berkley?

Space Monkey

Space Monkey 4 days ago

Just an ordinary day in Socialist Paradise

Los Angeles California

Los Angeles California 4 days ago

Venezuela 🇻🇪 y Colombia 🇨🇴 son nustros hermanos de México 🇲🇽 y todos los latinos . Pero en estos momentos Venezuela nos necesita a todos .

Los Angeles California

Los Angeles California 4 days ago


Los Angeles California

Los Angeles California 4 days ago

Venezuela tanta gente bonita y humide

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