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The Mummy | official international trailer #1 (2017) Tom Cruise
Published: 4 days ago By: moviemaniacsDE

official trailer for The Mummy


NORFIE123456 4 days ago

when Tom said the line ''what did i tell you?!'' at the start, he reminded me of Nathan Drake...something tells me Tom might use this movie as his audition tape for the upcoming Uncharted movies...honestly though casting anyone but Nolan North would be a waste

Vex Fletcher

Vex Fletcher 4 days ago

Ehhhh...shows way too much for my taste.
Also, it looks like we are getting an action movie with a Mummy as the background...which happened already, some years ago.
Admittedly...Cruise is better at action than Fraser, but keep in mind, those movies gave us The Rock as Scorpion King, which was...something.
Retread, typical Hollywood popcorn crap that doesn't really excite me, especially.
Probably won't see this in theaters, if I don't see anything fresh in subsequent trailers.

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