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Crimea: Three years after annexation - BBC News
Published: 6 days ago By: BBC News

It is three years since Russia annexed the Crimean peninsula from Ukraine. The BBC's Steve Rosenberg talks to people living there about life under Russian rule.

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Petr Skokan

Petr Skokan 5 hours ago

Russians were always idiots by majority.... small part is sane, but as my friend says... Russians need to undergo same process like nazi Germany. The fact they did not go through this cleaning process after losing cold war us root cause of the problems. you cannot say people are clever if they support Putin.....he is leading Russia to a second defeat..... 1991 was nit enough clearly....


drusha1 8 hours ago

god bless Russia!

Алексей 127

Алексей 127 12 hours ago

Where did u find this "unique" people ? Why they did not say that the cost of food and etc. is more higher than in Moscow, but in Moscow casual salary is about 1000$, when in Crimea the salary is lower twise !!


अलेक्सेय् 12 hours ago

more lies and propoganda from BCC. It wasn't annexation, people voted to join Russia.

David Boson

David Boson 18 hours ago

Putin for Tzar!

Solmanov Igor

Solmanov Igor 22 hours ago

bbc, "annexation" is your sick think.

Ivan Diablo

Ivan Diablo 1 day ago

putin khujlo !

Сергей Севриков

Сергей Севриков 2 days ago

Ukrainians have the right to protect their lands from Russian invaders.
Ukrainians must destroy the Russian invaders!

Gabriel Littler

Gabriel Littler 2 days ago

Anyone notice the submarine pen behind him at 2:01?


Immediate Training Devon

Immediate Training Devon 2 days ago

From the start this is horribly biased, almost propagandist. What happened to the BBC?

Robert Rodgers

Robert Rodgers 2 days ago

Audio Fail! I really wanted to watch this report, but extreme incompetence at the BBC ruined the upload.

Blank Space

Blank Space 2 days ago

god bless Russia and crimea

Pino Kio

Pino Kio 3 days ago

ukrain belongs to russia not just this little island russia


superkiwistar 3 days ago

there has to be law and order in the 21st century, even for countries. you cannot simply grab parts of neighbouring countries. crimea remains part of ukraine, unless ukraine decides otherwise. it's up to ukraine to decide - nobody else. if crimeans want to live in russia, go live there. just as britons or canadians who want to live in the us or germany go there.

Komarh Langady

Komarh Langady 3 days ago

Scotland and Northern Ireland also want their freedom, you frickin' Brits. You stole and annexed these lands, remember?

Hector Barbossa

Hector Barbossa 3 days ago

Crimean referendum was clear example of democracy. Vox populi . Yes maybe it had doubtful legitimacy from some point of view. But, as Crimean, I was a witness of greatest will of crimeans to reunification with Russia.
And that attempt was third and successfull. This referendum was preceded with two unsuccessfull attempts to secede from Ukraine: in 1995 and in 2004. Nobody who knows crimeans can't say that it was annexation or occupation. It was democratic choice. Please respect it!


wassupbeech 3 days ago

360p? wtf


Yakav8r55m 3 days ago

I hate THUG-ruSSiya! They are lying murderers!

Devin Cook

Devin Cook 3 days ago

How many times do the British want to fight The Russians for Crimea? You guys tried this in the 1800s and it cost you 21,000 lives...

Zephyr Trading

Zephyr Trading 3 days ago

Crimea is Russia


flankerpraha 3 days ago

So BBC admits there are people contend with the unification. That can be called a shift :)


Tomislavv2 3 days ago

Very pathetic video almost glorifying occupation, destruction of international laws and norms. The people who lived in Crimea, the Tatars were ethnically cleansed long time ago, so the new settlers are now happy to take another people land.

Jordan Thomson

Jordan Thomson 3 days ago

Blah Blah Channel


vxvx2010 4 days ago

lets have a referendum to muslim communities in russia and let them decide if they want to be in the federation or not isnt that the same thing that russia did in crimea

Yodo Wardeere

Yodo Wardeere 4 days ago

There's no oil here , so no democracy for you Crimea.

Nellie K. Adaba

Nellie K. Adaba 4 days ago

Wow, already 3 years.

Bond Summers

Bond Summers 4 days ago

Crimea will not be returned to Ukraine. It's not gonna happen. Accept it.

9&9 65

9&9 65 4 days ago

There being brain washed in to thinking that Russia likes them it's a honey pot they're acting like children getting candy from a stranger there saying that the stranger being Russia is a good person Ivan though they don't Evan know the true intentions but they get a feeling of happiness because they got candy candy being a lie false prospect

Animal Farm

Animal Farm 4 days ago

I’m a little confused; BBC was usually a hard-line supporter of the corporate state and produces some of the more aggressive propaganda on the planet and this is all you can come up with from the Crimea referendum. All you have is a missing son and a video of his arrest; very sad. I was at least expecting to see your usual children in poverty and distress to convince the cretins amongst your audience. I was at least expecting to see someone getting tortured with electricity while standing naked on a drum or a Russian soldier pissing on a mangled corpse. Where were the White Helmets; couldn’t you have fitted them into this pathetic attempt at propaganda. What has actually happened to your elaborate propaganda network BBC; you used to be right up there in the list of propaganda channels; now CNN and many other corporate propaganda channels are kicking your ass. You had better get your shit together otherwise the City of London and Wall Street puppet politicians will have your hide. I know, you need to coax Blair from his J. P. Morgan cash cow and get him to sell your propaganda. If Blair was producing this video, we would be invading Crimea by now and most of the Crimean people in your video would now be dead.


aczjbr 4 days ago

PutinKGB = Hitler

Waran T

Waran T 4 days ago

I'd tap that

Todd Morrow

Todd Morrow 4 days ago

Opening scene "Crimea River".
Get it? haha.

sam sammy

sam sammy 4 days ago

Russians are crazy
we'll be at war in no time

Kizo Mi

Kizo Mi 4 days ago



SpriteFUN 4 days ago

Talking out of the left speaker is just awful. Sort your shit out!

Imran adam

Imran adam 4 days ago

Crimea anexation by Russia shows that Russia is a force to be reckon with and the days when USA and the West took a ride for Russia is gone and let the west and USA get ready for showdown with Russia reloaded. go "putin" and hit the last nail on the western coffin.

Sebastian m

Sebastian m 4 days ago

Crimean Tartar history is very "colorful." From enslaving and trading 3 million plus people to regular raids in the Ukraine and Russia.
Cultural, sure. Moral ethics is not a term in Tartar history.

Frederick William

Frederick William 4 days ago

Tatars spend hundreds of years pillaging, raping, and terrorizing the Ukraine and lower Russia, then get upset when Russia tries to pay them in kind.

wyatt cowan

wyatt cowan 4 days ago

Why do so many Americans hate Russians

Democrats are SCUM Nuke mecca

Democrats are SCUM Nuke mecca 4 days ago

Ukraine isn't a country


malenaboy 4 days ago

All I know is it doesn't seem fair for the Russian speaking/identifying population who are a majority only after Stalin deported all the Crimean tartars out to have a voice in the land that wasn't theirs to begin with and that it should have been the tartars decision even if they're a minority in their homeland now.

Robert Peace

Robert Peace 4 days ago

What a load of bull shxxt! Most Crimean want to stay with the Russians!!!!


Boomhauer 4 days ago

Did she just compare Putin to god? 1:03

Michael Mariner

Michael Mariner 4 days ago

The Western lies continue via BBC NEWS as usual,Crimean people ARE Russian People..Putin Is not Not a Globalist Puppet.


Triglav 4 days ago

I am the TERROR.
I am the DEATH.
I am the Russian PANCAKE.
You must fear ME!

принцесса чебухчеева

принцесса чебухчеева 4 days ago

если вам нужен русский специалист по России на downing street 10, ищите его на русской службе bbc. не надо нам ебать мозга, русским в италии. нам и так сложно было найти работу, потом вы добавились... срочно прекратите


Puzzoozoo 4 days ago

The ashkanazi jews in Jewmerica who caused the conflict hate it because their plans for the region are ruined.


X12 RUS 5 days ago

My left ear enjoyed.

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