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THEY. - Vevo Meets: THEY.
Published: 5 days ago By: Vevo

Vevo Meets: THEY. 2017

THEY. are tight, but they like to keep everything loose. Drew Love and Dante Jones don’t follow the typical R&B or hip-hop orthodoxies; they go where their ideas lead ‘em. The LA duo’s ‘Nü Religion: HYENA’ splits into a variety of directions, see things through multiple filters without losing its through-line. Drew is from Maryland, Dante is from Colorado. They connected on the West Coast, and in our Vevo Meets interview, they explain how they clicked together from the jump. Music-wise they always leave pre-conceived notions of coolness behind. Their interests and influences stretch from Nirvana to Pharrell, and their association with David Dann and the Mind of a Genius label helps keep them on the experimental tip. For their “U-RITE” video, they hit the nature scene and shot in the rugged red rocks of Colorado. Fun facts? Jones has earned himself a Grammy as part of the production squad on Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Stronger’ album, and is into running. Love has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. As you’ll learn, challenging the norm is THEY.’s norm.

THEY. On Vevo: https://www.vevo.com/artist/they-1
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Twitter - https://twitter.com/unofficialTHEY
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/unofficialthey
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/unofficialTHEY


jesc4prez 23 hours ago

More mumble bullshit

Daniel Cast

Daniel Cast 3 days ago

Raw Sremmurd's cousins hahaha

Brendon Beganovic

Brendon Beganovic 3 days ago


Pro Habits

Pro Habits 3 days ago

Dude look like metro booming mixed with Madeintyo

Buster Eriksson

Buster Eriksson 3 days ago

Why so many dislikes? These guys are fire!


DUCK-E 4 days ago

my mom said if i can get 400 subscribers by may i can go to disney land

juan carlos

juan carlos 4 days ago



ThrashRPGOverkill 4 days ago

He said NIRVANA. I came a little. But my nigga need some Chapstick

Dardania Posts

Dardania Posts 5 days ago

Wud up ma nighas yeah yeh ju kno ai gochu yoo shhii blazing haaaahhhaaaaa


IshDARR 5 days ago

They are the next big thing.

Chelsea Galloway

Chelsea Galloway 5 days ago

THEY. are Awesome!!


na9oooooooor 5 days ago

Are they gay or som


Binstru 5 days ago


Abel Ziruma

Abel Ziruma 5 days ago

i just love their vibe

JahLisa Stallworth

JahLisa Stallworth 5 days ago

But Dj Khaled Always Said Stay Away From They 🚫 Because They Dont Want Us To Win 😶

Armen ia

Armen ia 5 days ago

O yeah baby!!"

Jose Rulo

Jose Rulo 5 days ago

primer latino :3

Jahleel Jones

Jahleel Jones 5 days ago

Deep End is my FAVOURITE!!!!

Karen Martínez

Karen Martínez 5 days ago

Like 47 fakk

Karen Martínez

Karen Martínez 5 days ago

Llegue temprano

Asael Valle

Asael Valle 5 days ago


Kimberly K

Kimberly K 5 days ago


walter moreno

walter moreno 5 days ago

Thank you very much welcome parabéns pelo maravilhoso trabalho se possível viste meu canal será um prazer um forte abraço

Jemma Davis

Jemma Davis 5 days ago

26 like


Knightcore 5 days ago


Ratheesh Rsh

Ratheesh Rsh 5 days ago

I Dont know these guys.. who are they?

top world

top world 5 days ago


Lucas Souza

Lucas Souza 5 days ago


Flori TBA

Flori TBA 5 days ago

Nice Vid 😝😍🤘

Verheecke Guillaume

Verheecke Guillaume 5 days ago

This is good

botella challenge

botella challenge 5 days ago


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