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Free tuition as reparations for black students?
Published: 4 days ago By: Fox News

Student government at Western Kentucky University votes to give black students free tuition as reparations for slavery. Tucker talks to student who co-authored the resolution

John Carter

John Carter 1 hour ago

Never take anyone seriously if they use the phrase, have a conversation. They don't actually want a conversation. They want to lecture you. They will never see your side. It's liberal cult speak.

Charlles Pereira Costa

Charlles Pereira Costa 4 hours ago

Why Black's in the US call them Black Americans? In Brazil we call them Brazilians and not Black Brazilians. The same in the UK when I lived there. They call themselves British, also If they are referring to their race, they were just called " blacks".

dawn clepper

dawn clepper 4 hours ago


dawn clepper

dawn clepper 4 hours ago


Bob W

Bob W 5 hours ago

Reparations for Irish slaves!


Itseasymmmkayyy 6 hours ago

Hey black students wanting free tuition even though I highly doubt 1% percent of you motherfuckers had someone in slavery, would this imply to many Chinese that were work labors for railroads and mines as well, irish, Indian and many other European slaves as well that were all used to build the foundation what is before you today? I'm pretty sure I don't hear a pity party from them. An Egyptian friend just told me he wants free tuition because his great-great-great-great x15 grandparent moved a stone for the pyramids so he is entitled to free everything wherever he goes. Shut the fuck up butter cups and work like a human being, bags of pathetic ass you all are...

Fired Up

Fired Up 6 hours ago

This is fan-friggen-tastic! So all black should get free education because of something that happened over a hundred years ago which was initially done by their own people... that makes perfect sense. If they want to get reparations for slavery, how about going back to Africa and getting them from the people who sold blacks into slavery in the first place. Granted, it was a horrible time in American history but you never hear a single black person scream about their own people who caught and enslaved them into slavery. I'm sorry but my ancestors weren't here during the time of slavery. They were still in Europe. I'll be damned if I'm going to pay for reparations to someone in which I had nothing to do with. It's nothing more than looking for yet another free hand out! Oh the poor ancestors of slaves have it so rough and need to get free college. How about working for it like the rest of us! And before asking for free college because your ancestors might have been slaves, how do we know your ancestors weren't one of those who sold blacks into slavery?

Wh1t3 Pr1d3

Wh1t3 Pr1d3 7 hours ago

Blacks need to gtfo!


LizardHouse 7 hours ago

When will white people be given reparations for the millions of crimes commited against them by black criminals?

andy fraser

andy fraser 7 hours ago

sorry bitch you aint entitled to jack shit


HighFieldLux 12 hours ago

Man Tucker Carlson is so hot in this video.

Don-Fugn Worry-AboutIt

Don-Fugn Worry-AboutIt 13 hours ago

This brown cow can hardly breathe and understand what Tucker is saying, she's literally a cow.

Don-Fugn Worry-AboutIt

Don-Fugn Worry-AboutIt 13 hours ago

fuck you and your "reparations" NOBODY from that shitty time is alive anymore!

Don-Fugn Worry-AboutIt

Don-Fugn Worry-AboutIt 13 hours ago

fuck you and your "reparations" NOBODY from that shitty time is alive anymore!

Neil  Chapman

Neil Chapman 13 hours ago

Muh free sheeeeeeit muhfugguh

Delightful Gentleman

Delightful Gentleman 14 hours ago

all blacks are psychopaths

KillJoy charles

KillJoy charles 16 hours ago

Since Whites were slaves before blacks sold there own people , Some country owes me .


earlesurfs 16 hours ago

Segregation is the only solution for a peaceful resolution


HepHep 16 hours ago

To hell with the blacks...and the jews they rode in on.

mike smith

mike smith 17 hours ago

gibsmedat raciss mufugger

duanecrump crump

duanecrump crump 17 hours ago

There are many people who should have reparations...Lgtb should have reparations for the crimes committed against them by Muslims.....
Soory...I will not hire any student that receives a free education for nothing.
You were not a slave...I did not own any slaves and you are owed nothing.
Go ahead...and see how far it takes you. No...African Muslims that put on on the selling block owe you reparations.
Think it's to white...leave.
Because whites will be called racist no matter what we do...so why try?
It is obviously a crutch.
All businesses turn down free education.

1488 Goy

1488 Goy 19 hours ago

Gimme dat!

Logan Bradley

Logan Bradley 19 hours ago

"Inhibited from higher education" and "discrepancy" is because of lower IQ. There's a place where Blacks wouldn't be discriminated against. Just go back to Africa and start your own college.

Pepe Supreme

Pepe Supreme 20 hours ago

You already get reparations. Free food, free housing, and a check in the mail every month.

tegger4i56o eyru56o6po

tegger4i56o eyru56o6po 20 hours ago

dindus did better under Jim Crow btw


Keepskatin 20 hours ago

Look at all the racist non Blacks down voting this video.


M D 20 hours ago

Stupid fucking NIGGER.

Dick Behringer

Dick Behringer 21 hours ago

while i do not agree at all with the ladies proposal, I will say that this was a very civil and polite debate on both ends. Glad to see that still exists, especially in this day and age.


Aurelius 21 hours ago

How about we deport your nigger ass to apefrica


nazicops 22 hours ago

Ain't blacks taxed whitey enough with taxes to support everything else, including an almost complete free ride. Niggers should all kiss whitey's ass every day for bringing them over as slaves. Were they back in Africa, they would be still chasing monkeys from tree to tree with pointed sticks for food.


ezzz42 22 hours ago

how about all colonizers go home
how about that!
first nations never invited you genociders/colonizers


lonote1 1 day ago

I'm sick and tired of seeing these monkey-faced morons "demanding" yet more free stuff.Get off your fat .lazy, ass and get a job.White people don't "owe' you anything 44 is gone,no more free rides.

Brandon Cole

Brandon Cole 1 day ago

What the actual hell... people need to realize that at one point in time all of our bloodlines were inslaved by someone somewhere, just as at some point all of our bloodlines we're those doing the enslaving, and another this... these idiot's that preach for reparations and free education simply for being a certain race are basically saying "Hey since we weren't treated great 150 years ago, I wanna flip the coin now and I want to be special, screw equal, I want privilege." Another thing, There's not one person alive that is still negatively effected by slavery, every single black person here that's a result of slavery has it WAAAAY better then they'd have it if there ancestors hadn't been brought over here. As horrible as that ordeal was at the time, if it hadn't been for those folks being brough over and suffering through what they had to endure, all of these asshats would be fighting for clean water and to not get eaten over in Africa right now, not fighting for free school. Also I'm a white male single dad, and I'd love to get a free education... unfortunately that's not an option for me... because I'm white, and goverment program's are without a doubt geared towards favoring blacks over any other race..


MsKira1313 2 days ago

I'm freaking tired of my own race acting entitled to stuff just because of something that happened centuries ago. Newsflash: We weren't the only ones that suffered throughout history! Just because slavery happened doesn't mean we're entitled to anything. Nothing in this world is free.


loyaldude10 2 days ago

for once I agree with Carlson---what an illogical, unsupported  argument/position

Cabo Dude

Cabo Dude 2 days ago

White Americans owe black Americans NOTHING!!!

James Smith

James Smith 2 days ago

Nothing to see here but another indolent looking for a handout. My suggestion is for the black students at the university who want reparations to go back to the old slave trading centers in Africa and demand reparation from the ancestors of the individuals who sold their own countrymen to the white European slave traders during the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade Period. Before going exercise your due diligence to identify who you should be speaking to over there. State your demands to these people and await their response. I do not think that many of you will escape with your lives, or you will be scooped up and sold somewhere on the continent of Africa, where the slave trade is alive and well in many places.

Raymond Candelaria

Raymond Candelaria 2 days ago

For sake of argument let's say that racism continues on a insitutional basis even up to today. Pick a country, a region like Africa, Caribbean isn't the quality of living better here than anywhere else? So even the poorest person has a decient quality of living comparatively. Now I have never associated with a supremacist group nor have I had any kind of institutional power or influence. And as far a benefiting from white male privilege...lamo! I can give you several examples that being male has worked against me.
The thing is there is a privliage class but it's not White, it's not Asian, Black or Chahonkey. It's the political class. Clitons, Bush's down to municipalities continue to abuse the law and seeming impernt to prosecution, use agencies to target political proponents and use legislation to tilt the odds in favour of themselves and corporate interests.

Tom Upchurch

Tom Upchurch 2 days ago

Fuck all these goddamned apes...even if justified it's money wasted..case in point: Maxine Waters.

Michele P

Michele P 2 days ago

NO!! WRONG!!!!!! "You're the daughter of immigrants???" No S#*t!!! We ALL are children of immigrants!! What about those of us who are mixed? Orrr those of us who are Hispanic?? Hispanics come in ALLLLL colors, shapes and sizes. ... Shake my tree.... PLEASE!! My grandfather's darker than you!! All you can see in a picture of him are the white of his eyes. Oh HELL NO!!! I'm STILL paying for my student loans from the 90's. My blonde BUT... .. . nappy--hair (figured I throw that out there as well) and blue eyed daughters are now taking out student loans we'll have to pay but yet Blacks get free tuition. Nuuuhhhh....I will fight this to no end!!!


lakecrab 2 days ago

How 'bout us students of Sicilian extraction? My great grandparents were NOT getting much respect as new U.S. Immigrants back about 120 years ago either.

Sooner Dude

Sooner Dude 2 days ago

all blacks or any other person who was a slave in the US should receive free tuition and reparations. however, I don't think there are any 150 year old slaves.


Seafarer64 2 days ago

I'll agree to free tuition to every former American slave.  If they weren't slaves, then they're parasites looking or ANOTHER free ride.  Laziness will NOT be rewarded.

Jim Collins

Jim Collins 2 days ago

Give her free college and I bet she can't keep a job because her attitude towards people and life is all out of wack.


dkim2011 2 days ago

I love how this opportunistic pisser, Tucker, affects a stance of disinterested, fair-minded concern when he knows full well this is nothing more than inciteful catnip for Fox's most loyal cohort of viewers: white racists. Fact is, it's a distraction from all those stories the predatory, greedy corporate and WH elite don't want you, the 99%, thinking about and fussing over. Tuition fees in Europe : Average tuition fees in Europe
Tuition fees in Europe are generally very low compared to other continents, while many European universities are placed at the top of international university rankings.

Of course, this differs per country, though, and it also depends on if you come from Europe (the European Economic Area) or not.

Average tuition fee for Bachelor's degree in Europe:
4.500 EUR/year for EU/EEA-students
8.600 EUR/year for students outside EU/EEA
Average tuition fee for Master's degree in Europe:
5.100 EUR/year for EU/EEA-students
10.170 EUR/year for students outside EU/EEA

Americans are moving to Europe for free college degrees
by Katie Lobosco @KatieLobosco
February 23, 2016: 11:24 AM ET
CNN Money

Jj Jones

Jj Jones 2 days ago

And this is why black lives matter?

Conservative Minuteman

Conservative Minuteman 2 days ago

Show me a black person that was ever a slave and I'll agree to them receiving back wagesAugust 11, 2014 at 12:43pmShow
me a black person, alive today, that was ever a slave and I'll agree to
them receiving back wages. Just as there's no slaves alive, there's
also no slave holders. The United States of America fought a very costly
war against the slave holders and for the freedom all slaves. The USA
was the emancipators and the Confederate States of America were the
enslavers. The CSA was severely punished and disbanded.
are free today because of actions taken, throughout the 18th & 19th
century, by white Republicans. First against northern Democrats that
wanted to keep slavery and then against all of the CSA and finely,
against Democrats all over the nation that wanted to oppress the black
So, explain to me again how the United States of American owes compensation for slavery to anyone that was never a slave.
the United States of America should be compensated for the expense of
freeing the slaves. The same United States of America, that paid that
terrible price to free the slaves, is still alive today, thanks to the
Republican Party and the second amendment.
How many of you have the courage to Like & re-Post?

Conservative Minuteman

Conservative Minuteman 2 days ago

No black person, alive today, was ever a slave in this country. Many black slaves could look to the next row over in the field and see my ancestors enslaved under the same conditions, I'm Irish.

Heidi JB

Heidi JB 2 days ago

fine, get the money from the tribes that sold them, and the Muslims who profitted

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