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Free tuition as reparations for black students?
Published: 1 month ago By: Fox News

Student government at Western Kentucky University votes to give black students free tuition as reparations for slavery. Tucker talks to student who co-authored the resolution

Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons 8 hours ago

She grew up eating food from foodstamps and a house paid for by white people. And look how fat she is...she be eating good! Get a job and earn it like everyone else you hippo. The black race is by far more racist than whites, but they think it's OK. pathetic

Hugh Radloff

Hugh Radloff 11 hours ago

Neither I nor my family ever owned a slave. All of us worked for our living and gave ourselves a leg up. I'VE NEVER MET one black person who EVER picked cotten and didn't have EXACTLY the same oppertunities we had to succeed. If you want to spend your life with your hand out to WHITEY then take your lazy, sorry, black ass elsewhere and stop blaming others for your short commings.

ElGringoGrandeLatte Gringo

ElGringoGrandeLatte Gringo 2 days ago

go fuck yourself sweetheart

Tanisha Bush

Tanisha Bush 5 days ago

The white ignorance in this comment section is sad. White people is mad about free tuition for blacks as a form of reparations is whites will not benefit from it at all, and that's not fair(in my whiny child voice). It's just the the $5 dollar Indian law that was passed so white people could get benefits the government were giving to the Native Americans.

Michael Deaton

Michael Deaton 1 week ago

Does anyone else notice she starts almost every sentence with, "So...". And she doesn't directly answer a single question. She just pops off a bunch of BLM type talking points.

Peter Giacobbe

Peter Giacobbe 1 week ago

If you want free education, join the military and contribute to society! Airborne

first last

first last 3 weeks ago

I guess EBT isn't enough?.......

Rachel Zdzienicka

Rachel Zdzienicka 3 weeks ago

Can't i get reparations for what my family went through in ww2 when Germany and Russia both invaded us LESS than 100 years ago!

Danny Rossa

Danny Rossa 3 weeks ago

College degrees are worthless to many who possess one

Ancalagon Ullr

Ancalagon Ullr 4 weeks ago

we can all agree shes never getting laid


That0Homeless0Guy 4 weeks ago

Why are people calling these Americans, African? Is it because of the colour of their skin?
Yes you say? Get the fuck out of here.


Deman 4 weeks ago

i am pretty sure that every white and black in america are or come from immigrant descendants. also, the arabs/muslims were trading black slaves, and they still have slaves, long before white europeans joined in. also, whites were slaves too. this is one stupid fat bitch.


Deman 4 weeks ago

yet another entitled nigger talkin shitxand wanting a free ride.

Terrell  L. Howard

Terrell L. Howard 1 month ago

"How far can you go with this - How may years "?

tolfan ftw

tolfan ftw 1 month ago

its ok to hurt others as long as the others are white


Keepskatin 1 month ago

Whites are pedophiles,even White cops. Look how many White females are having sex with their students. Look how many Whites become members of couples sex clubs,to commit adultery. . Look how many white cops are arrested for child porn and molestation. Look how many Catholics are accused of sex crimes against children. Look how many non Blacks are caught on how to Catch a Predator. Look at who pollutes the world. Look at who is about to start a nuclear War. Look who has the biggest drug problem in the world. All points to White people,yes you Latins are White too,and just as racist. Here is a list of facts to back up my claims against white skin people. It sickens me reading these news articles about the crimes you non Blacks commit; it's so many i can't and won't post them all.















Linus Larsson

Linus Larsson 1 month ago

Black privilege: When you can ask for the most absurd advantages in society like it's normal.


PizzaGamer9000 1 month ago

after WW2, the u.s. govt socially engineered the middle class and spurred prosperity. Black citizens were locked out of participating in that by law.


PizzaGamer9000 1 month ago

if you are an immigrant from africa or the carribbean, reparations from the US govt are none of your business. that matter is for the descendents of slaves only, so stay out of it.

Purple Pepe

Purple Pepe 1 month ago

If black people can't pass on wealth then maybe they should start SAVING MONEY!


KlausKinski 1 month ago

in Saudi Arabia almost all rich people are Arabic... they should pay back all the poor oppressed African slaves (the Arabic slave trade killed around 80 million Blacks and white people and tortured and raped countless millions more) they had O WAIT only white people are evil hahhahahha

HHO Sailing

HHO Sailing 1 month ago

I am Asian American but identify myself as African American, will I be eligible for reparations as well?...


JoeManeTv 1 month ago

immigrants should not be apart of that resolution...

juanita thomas

juanita thomas 1 month ago

One of my grandmother was a white slave to the Dalton Family her name was Amy Dorton she was Irish because she stole away on a slave ship and got with child she landed in Va action and sold so just not dark skin was in slavery so was white's so know she shouldn't get free money work for your education it is a choice not a demand so everyone should pay for it know matter what you are.


Keepskatin 1 month ago

There are more Whites on Welfare than blacks. There are more Latins on welfare than Blacks. Whites and Latins individual receive more welfare than Blacks individually. Even within your welfare systems there is racially discrimination and White privilege.
The Natives were paid reparations,and still are to this day. The Asians that were imprisoned in America during World War 2 b,because you Whites believed they would side with Japan after the Pearl harbor attack;you Whites paid them and their descendants reparations.
Those of Israel were paid the most reparations and to this day they are still paid billions in reparations each year;even though German is the nation that committed the genocide. When it comes to paying reparations to Black,oh no! Whites cannot stand to do any good deeds towards Blacks.
This is why Whites are reaping what they have sown today. This is why your White nations are flooded with foreigners. This is why you,your kids,and parents are dying of Opioid overdose at alarming rates. This is why many o you are born infertile. This is why many of you are developing cancer. This is why white economy continues to suffer. You are being punished for the sins of your fathers and the hatred you continue to have towards God and Blacks.

Bobbi Johnson

Bobbi Johnson 1 month ago

The thing that needs to be fully understood about this interview is that this women, who actually has the courage to speak out and counter her adversaries, is being attacked and mocked by someone who cant even empathize with her oppression. No one CHOOSES to understand the oppression of black people because they don't want to recognize the system that has been put in place to hinder us. Its not like this educated black women is asking for money, but for opportunity. I am a black women, the first black women in my family to attend college, and I can understand what she is fighting for. We are not saying that white people don't experience adversity, we are saying that it is curtailed by advantages given to them. Yes a black person might have a parent who is a doctor, but it is highly unlikely that the parent didn't bend over backwards to reach that position, a black man has to fly to where a white man walks. So to sit there AND SCRUTINIZE this woman for giving us the opportunity to an education that we are denied, TO SCRUTINIZE this woman for giving us the opportunity for an education in the country that we built from scratch is sickening. It is inherently important that black people receive what we need to counter our oppression. point blank.

your truly,



JUSTICE 1 month ago

jesus! thats some next level ugly!

John Carter

John Carter 1 month ago

Never take anyone seriously if they use the phrase, have a conversation. They don't actually want a conversation. They want to lecture you. They will never see your side. It's liberal cult speak.

Charlles Pereira Costa

Charlles Pereira Costa 1 month ago

Why Black's in the US call them Black Americans? In Brazil we call them Brazilians and not Black Brazilians. The same in the UK when I lived there. They call themselves British, also If they are referring to their race, they were just called " blacks".

dawn clepper

dawn clepper 1 month ago


dawn clepper

dawn clepper 1 month ago


Bob W

Bob W 1 month ago

Reparations for Irish slaves!


Itseasymmmkayyy 1 month ago

Hey black students wanting free tuition even though I highly doubt 1% percent of you motherfuckers had someone in slavery, would this imply to many Chinese that were work labors for railroads and mines as well, irish, Indian and many other European slaves as well that were all used to build the foundation what is before you today? I'm pretty sure I don't hear a pity party from them. An Egyptian friend just told me he wants free tuition because his great-great-great-great x15 grandparent moved a stone for the pyramids so he is entitled to free everything wherever he goes. Shut the fuck up butter cups and work like a human being, bags of pathetic ass you all are...

Fired Up

Fired Up 1 month ago

This is fan-friggen-tastic! So all black should get free education because of something that happened over a hundred years ago which was initially done by their own people... that makes perfect sense. If they want to get reparations for slavery, how about going back to Africa and getting them from the people who sold blacks into slavery in the first place. Granted, it was a horrible time in American history but you never hear a single black person scream about their own people who caught and enslaved them into slavery. I'm sorry but my ancestors weren't here during the time of slavery. They were still in Europe. I'll be damned if I'm going to pay for reparations to someone in which I had nothing to do with. It's nothing more than looking for yet another free hand out! Oh the poor ancestors of slaves have it so rough and need to get free college. How about working for it like the rest of us! And before asking for free college because your ancestors might have been slaves, how do we know your ancestors weren't one of those who sold blacks into slavery?

Wh1t3 Pr1d3

Wh1t3 Pr1d3 1 month ago

Blacks need to gtfo!


LizardHouse 1 month ago

When will white people be given reparations for the millions of crimes commited against them by black criminals?

andy fraser

andy fraser 1 month ago

sorry bitch you aint entitled to jack shit


HighFieldLux 1 month ago

Man Tucker Carlson is so hot in this video.

Don-Fugn Worry-AboutIt

Don-Fugn Worry-AboutIt 1 month ago

This brown cow can hardly breathe and understand what Tucker is saying, she's literally a cow.

Don-Fugn Worry-AboutIt

Don-Fugn Worry-AboutIt 1 month ago

fuck you and your "reparations" NOBODY from that shitty time is alive anymore!

Don-Fugn Worry-AboutIt

Don-Fugn Worry-AboutIt 1 month ago

fuck you and your "reparations" NOBODY from that shitty time is alive anymore!

Bill McLeod

Bill McLeod 1 month ago

Muh free sheeeeeeit muhfugguh

KillJoy charles

KillJoy charles 1 month ago

Since Whites were slaves before blacks sold there own people , Some country owes me .


earlesurfs 1 month ago

Segregation is the only solution for a peaceful resolution


HepHep 1 month ago

To hell with the blacks...and the jews they rode in on.

mike smith

mike smith 1 month ago

gibsmedat raciss mufugger

duanecrump crump

duanecrump crump 1 month ago

There are many people who should have reparations...Lgtb should have reparations for the crimes committed against them by Muslims.....
Soory...I will not hire any student that receives a free education for nothing.
You were not a slave...I did not own any slaves and you are owed nothing.
Go ahead...and see how far it takes you. No...African Muslims that put on on the selling block owe you reparations.
Think it's to white...leave.
Because whites will be called racist no matter what we do...so why try?
It is obviously a crutch.
All businesses turn down free education.

1488 Goy

1488 Goy 1 month ago

Gimme dat!

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