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Dawn Butler MP struggles through interview - BBC News
Published: 3 days ago By: BBC News

Labour MP Dawn Butler has struggled to explain her party's policies during an interview with Eddie Mair on Radio 4's PM programme. The former minister also accused Costa Coffee of not paying full taxation in the UK before saying that she could not say the company was doing so "definitively". The MP was trending on Twitter following the interview, where she later apologised to Costa Coffee.
This clip contains edited extracts from the interview. Listen to the full interview http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p050mzc6

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Bobby Paluga

Bobby Paluga 23 hours ago

What a stupid woman, she can regurgitate the key phrase it's the details that she hasn't a handle on.

Jane - - -

Jane - - - 1 day ago

Is she the secret love child of Diane Abbott and Jeremy Corbyn ? ...

Joseph Samson

Joseph Samson 1 day ago

To Corbyn Marxism is the only democracy


pablo9364 1 day ago

This looks biased . Elements of interview are slotted in as there are edits. The title is opinionated. BBC journalist is a smart ass. Cringeworthy BBC again.


saddist1Gtown 2 days ago

Where exactly was the "struggle" in this interview? It seems to me that the BBC has descended into the kind of gutter politics that once was the calling card of the News Of The World and such like.
A bit of spring cleaning at the people's network would not be such a bad idea, after all, it is our TV license that allows these biased opinions to go unchecked!


Gauntlet 2 days ago

This is frankly embarrassing.


BadCommenter 2 days ago

I'm offering free facial massages if anyone needs to smoothen those cringe lines.

Robert Barr

Robert Barr 2 days ago

This is what happens when Labour "safe seats" are packed with unsuitable candidates. By all means select candidates that represent the diversity of the British people and aim for greater gender equality, but the ability to answer simple policy questions and articulate the party's policy must be a pre-requisite - or perhaps not! ;-(

Pink Panther

Pink Panther 3 days ago

She's informing you that the Labour party has absolutely no economic plan.

Paul Taylor

Paul Taylor 3 days ago

Who the hell voted for this moron?

Biggus Dickus

Biggus Dickus 3 days ago

The hypocrisy and stupidity of these socialist MP's would be laughable, if this was not Our democracy that they are destroying. Only in it for the money 💰


MR BLACK 3 days ago

Vote MAY in and if she fucks us over in 5 years UKIP will win and Farage will be in number 10 lol.

Barry Webster

Barry Webster 3 days ago

Unbelievable, insulting rubbish!

Sumanth Lazarus

Sumanth Lazarus 3 days ago


Interesting Things

Interesting Things 3 days ago

No plan. Deluded leader. Labour crumbling


mrrotary72 3 days ago

I particularly liked Eddie Mair's Freudian slip a the end - "Thank you, Dawn Bottler I mean Butler" !!

cary bary

cary bary 3 days ago

Typical labour. All sound bites and no facts

Voted Leave

Voted Leave 3 days ago

How amateur, completely inept.

Jules Akers

Jules Akers 3 days ago

My toes are curling. She is like a school leaver attending her first job interview.

The Eye

The Eye 3 days ago

Rigged for her pleasure.

Janet Sharpley

Janet Sharpley 3 days ago

As these types are artificially equalized and placed in positions, their inability and intellectual dullness is obvious....
Sub-Saharan Africa, Countries: 43
W/ data: 20 (78% pop) Studies: 65
IQ: 68

West Africa
Countries: 20 W/ Data: 6 (65% pop) Studies: 15
IQ: 67 

Central Africa Countries: 5
W/ Data: 3 (80% pop) Studies: 9
IQ: 64

East Africa Countries: 8
W/ Data: 5 (93% pop) Studies: 16
IQ: 72

Southern Africa Countries: 10
W/ Data: 6 (76% pop) Studies: 25
IQ: 69

Princess ナコルル

Princess ナコルル 3 days ago

I'm Conservative but this is biased reporting.

She may or may not have 'struggled through the interview' (not doing a whole lot different than your average politician does by trying to avoid the question) but you have no mandate to present things in a manner that makes one side look worse.

This video needs to be taken down under the BBC's own rules of journalistic integrity.


OldMargery 3 days ago

She could have gone for the Diane Abbot pretend coughing fit!

Pepe TheFrog

Pepe TheFrog 3 days ago

BBC needs to divert its resources and use some of its umpteen 'managers' to sort out its blatant primary school spelling mistakes

Eric j

Eric j 3 days ago

A very poor attempt to bullshyt the plebs !

Max Sch

Max Sch 3 days ago

This entire election is a month of half of car crash interviews from The Monster Raving Labour Party

Lee Marks

Lee Marks 3 days ago

The Conservative party are rigging the system by calling for a DEMOCRATIC ELECTION! Is Labour beyond stupid or what?

Miele Rodriguez

Miele Rodriguez 3 days ago

This woman is stupid. MPs have always been pretty low rent but she takes the biscuit. A money grabber. Vote her out.


parkhill62 3 days ago

...MP strugles....? c'mon bbc


AntPDC 3 days ago

Oh dear... According to Wikipedia: "In March 2009, Butler came under criticism for claiming almost the full £23,000 annual second home allowance, despite her other home in Stratford being the same distance from Parliament as her Brent South home. She was found to have acted in accordance with the rules as they stood by the subsequent official investigation. She had claimed £2,650 for new central heating and £2,308 for a suite including a whirlpool bath".

Thomas clueso Huebner

Thomas clueso Huebner 3 days ago

spelling mistake in the title. struggle not strugle


cambridge123456789 3 days ago

Came across as about as intelligent as you'd expect from today's Labour party.





NPChilla 3 days ago

No wonder the Labour party is dying.

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