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What Is The Meaning Of This Underwater Stonehenge?
Published: 1 month ago By: Science Channel

Secrets of the Underground | Tuesdays at 10/9c
There’s a mysterious underwater rock circle that supposedly has carvings in it.
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Dilophasaur Raptor

Dilophasaur Raptor 2 weeks ago

Simple reason:
The lake wasn't there when they carved into it...

The Headspider

The Headspider 4 weeks ago

I have the same drawing tablet as you!


777THUTH777 1 month ago

The meaning is people are easily fooled.

Carrie Wright

Carrie Wright 1 month ago

so...not allowed to touch, but you can photograph? if you wipe off the algae you'd be able to see it better!
ugh, rules...


N0TS0SUBTLE 1 month ago

Notice how the carved out aperture in America's Stonehenge aligns perfectly with the Stonehenge in England. The one underwater is antediluvian along with the one found in lake Michigan. The question is, do their apertures all have something in common? The Bible is the truth. Jesus is God.

Bro Brah

Bro Brah 1 month ago

to ask what the meaning of this is, is in itself meaningless. we will never ever know and anything we do know about it is just conjecture and thats all it will ever be.


lonewolfnmoon 1 month ago

its an elephant and a very good one too carved into the stone.

Jack D

Jack D 1 month ago



gonecoastal4 1 month ago

Our history is so important that you can't investigate it. Now that's progress!


gamingbros 1 month ago

hi please respond you are my favourite youtuber you are the best!!


Espoir2003 1 month ago

Love ur vids

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