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Sasse on Gorsuch, probe into Trump campaign, health bill
Published: 2 months ago By: Fox News

Lawmaker speaks out on 'Special Report'

Tavish McGinty

Tavish McGinty 2 months ago

LOL! Fox "news" and the Trump - Putin White House are a joke and laughing stock.

Jack The Giant Killer

Jack The Giant Killer 2 months ago

The globalist david Rockefeller died today at 101. A great day for the whole world for the death of such a Monster.

Charlie Blum

Charlie Blum 2 months ago

Because they do not teach it in school anymore!
For what reason, Only they know.

Wild Man 77

Wild Man 77 2 months ago

One more thing Mr. Ben Sasse , whether you like it or not there is a huge amount of support in America for an alliance with Russia. We believe that would give us the leverage we need over China and the UN.

Wild Man 77

Wild Man 77 2 months ago

What about the papers Alex Jones and Jerome Coursey are releasing showing that Trump has been wiretapped? Do you believe those are false

Wild Man 77

Wild Man 77 2 months ago

Mark my words March 20, 2017. Donald Trump will nominate five judges to the Supreme Court.

DEploribus Unum

DEploribus Unum 2 months ago

Demos are azzoles. They can't be pleased. All they are worried about it protecting Sorazz.

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