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RFK, Jr: My meeting with Trump on vaccine commission
Published: 4 days ago By: Fox News

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. details his meeting with the president about the possibility of forming a vaccine commission #Tucker

M. C

M. C 1 hour ago

These drugs had to go through rigorous testing and trials before being passed by the FDA and they have been researched extensively by independent researchers for decades. The data is already out there but since Trump is illiterate there's no way he'll read it or comprehend it.

Jay Martel

Jay Martel 7 hours ago

Tucker, You Are Quite Brave! As this piece is but the tip of a massive iceberg, Please follow up! Thanks so much!

Don-Fugn Worry-AboutIt

Don-Fugn Worry-AboutIt 13 hours ago

Vaccines and ADD/ADHD pills are turning people into zombies.

Rainbow Warrior

Rainbow Warrior 18 hours ago

vaccines are not only NOT safe they are NOT necessary. i applaud RFK junior ~ however he still doesn't stretch his mind far enough on this issue.


HealthActivist1 1 day ago

Thank you SO MUCH, Tucker Carlson, for having the courage to do this interview, and for treating Robert Kennedy with the respect he deserves.

Addressing the issue of vaccine safety is well overdue. Since the US passed those laws protecting vaccine manufacturers and the subsequent 'gold rush' Kennedy mentioned, the numbers of vaccines on childhood schedules have increased not only in the US, but also in US influenced countries like Australia, where I live. Since this increase in vaccines, the incidence of allergies, auto-immune diseases and neurodevelopmental disorders have also increased virtually in parallel, and are now epidemic. Vaccine manufacturers, health authorities, and the mainstream media have consistently ignored or vilified anyone, no matter how well qualified, who has concerns about vaccine safety.

Please continue this precedent, and interview other intelligent people who have come to question the 'over-vaccination' of our children.

Scott McRae

Scott McRae 2 days ago

Thank you Tucker and thank you Fox News for allowing Tucker to interview Mr. Kennedy - considering the possible ramifications, I now have a very deep respect for your organization.

Ima Skeptic

Ima Skeptic 2 days ago

The eradication of smallpox did not result from the smallpox vaccine. The majority of people dying of smallpox in the 1800's in England were vaccinated against smallpox. People protested as the government tried to impose fines and jail time for parents who did not vaccinate their children. So many protested because the vaccines were killing and crippling their children, that the government was forced to stop the eugenic operation or face a nation wide rebellion, fueled by angry parents of vaccine killed or vaccine injured children.  The first town to stop vaccinating altogether, had the fewest smallpox deaths of any city in England. All this information can be found in Dr. Suzanne Humphries book "Dissolving Illusions". Disease isn't making a come back. What's making a come back is government corruption and government eugenic operations. Be aware that this attack has been conducted against the population before and it will continue until we remove the core of corruption within our own governments. Know your history.

Ima Skeptic

Ima Skeptic 2 days ago

Physicians and the pharmaceutical industry can LEGALLY lie to people about vaccines. From the Pace Environmental Law Review, Vol 28, page 488. 
QUOTE: "Starting in 1988, no vaccine manufacturer was liable for a vaccine related injury or death from one of the recommended vaccines 'if the injury or death resulted from side effects that were unavoidable even though the vaccine was .properly prepared and was accompanied by proper directions and warnings.'  This language stems  from the Second Restatement of Torts.  The U.S. Supreme Court decided Brueswitz v. Wyeth, which dealt specifically with this provision in February 2011.

In addition to the broad liability provision, the 1986 Law also provides another shield to manufacturers under federal law.  The 1986 Law permits them the right to not disclose known risks to parents or guardians of those being vaccinated.  Resting on the 'learned intermediary' doctrine, manufacturers bear no liability for giving or failing to give accurate or complete information to those vaccinated, and have only to provide relevant information to doctors, who must give patients CDC Vaccine Information Statements."


quackityquack87 2 days ago

I am not a Republican but I will watch Tucker now, thanks Tucker!
The denial of a vaccine safety conversation is eroding the respect of media, scientists, scientific journals, the CDC, our government, doctors and the media. Whoever is able to shine a light on this first will be the only credible source going forward. Thanks again.


CARLA H. 2 days ago

This was ONLY the SECOND TIME IN 10 YEARS that Robert Kennedy Jr. was allowed to speak about this subject on mainstream media!!!! THANK YOU TUCKER CARLSON!! KEEP GOING STRONG!!!

Dan Xia

Dan Xia 3 days ago

Search Youtube and watch the film "BOUGHT" and "Trace Amounts".

Dan Xia

Dan Xia 3 days ago

EBioMedicine. 2017 Mar;17:192-198. doi: 10.1016/j.ebiom.2017.01.041. Epub 2017 Feb 1.The Introduction of Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis and Oral Polio Vaccine Among Young Infants in an Urban African Community: A Natural Experiment.Mogensen SW1, Andersen A2, Rodrigues A1, Benn CS3, Aaby P4.Author informationAbstractBACKGROUND: We examined the introduction of diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (DTP) and oral polio vaccine (OPV) in an urban community in Guinea-Bissau in the early 1980s.METHODS: The
child population had been followed with 3-monthly nutritional weighing
sessions since 1978. From June 1981 DTP and OPV were offered from
3months of age at these sessions. Due to the 3-monthly intervals between
sessions, the children were allocated by birthday in a 'natural experiment'
to receive vaccinations early or late between 3 and 5months of age. We
included children who were <6months of age when vaccinations started
and children born until the end of December 1983. We compared mortality
between 3 and 5months of age of DTP-vaccinated and
not-yet-DTP-vaccinated children in Cox proportional hazard models.RESULTS: Among
3-5-month-old children, having received DTP (±OPV) was associated with a
mortality hazard ratio (HR) of 5.00 (95% CI 1.53-16.3) compared with
not-yet-DTP-vaccinated children. Differences in background factors did
not explain the effect. The negative effect was particularly strong for
children who had received DTP-only and no OPV (HR=10.0 (2.61-38.6)).
All-cause infant mortality after 3months of age increased after the introduction of these vaccines (HR=2.12 (1.07-4.19)).CONCLUSION: DTP was associated with increased mortality; OPV may modify the effect of DTP.

Marc Roche

Marc Roche 3 days ago

Tucker is going for broke. He'll be next to go if he keeps this up. FOX will soon be just another corporate propaganda outlet.

Carolina Prexl

Carolina Prexl 3 days ago


Commentator Jones

Commentator Jones 3 days ago

Vaccination is a violation of the Nuremberg Code. I thank Tucker Carlson or whoever it was that allowed this interview to happen.

Leah H

Leah H 3 days ago

Thank you for having Robert Kennedy Jr on your show......loved it!


Diane 3 days ago

what kind of ailment does he have that causes him to talk this way? I recently saw a female Kennedy w the same ailment. just curious.


satinkaluv 3 days ago

Thank you Tucker Carlson for covering this very important subject of Vaccines.

philip cardin

philip cardin 3 days ago

Thanks Fox News for publishing segments on Youtube, it is very much appreciated.
But it would be very nice to have the SUB-TITLES OPTION available, thanks in advance !

Jon M

Jon M 3 days ago

Follow the money....

Ima Skeptic

Ima Skeptic 3 days ago

Here's the link to the study he's referring to.

Sarah Cascio

Sarah Cascio 3 days ago

when pregnant I was told to avoid tuna fish as could contain mercury....

Alexander Towery

Alexander Towery 3 days ago

I will continue to not vaccinate my children and future babies

V Sanders

V Sanders 3 days ago

2 words; cause and effect. Centuries we know, every action has cause of equal response or reaction. Money, rule, power in hands of humans will be our demise. Kennedy inherinetly knows this much, cautions and review, non gov or profiteering entity must research. We will go sterile, it is inevitable. I would like to challenge either of these humans to game of chess. Any takers? Fox?

Kitty Watson

Kitty Watson 3 days ago

Keep pushing RFK!

ed schankereli

ed schankereli 3 days ago

I agree, investigate. But to imply that the government is attempting to kill of the population is pure bullshit. So get the tinfoil hats off your heads and get a reality check.

Nora Dawn

Nora Dawn 3 days ago

Finally! Finally, Vaccine's are out of control and the truth is -Follow the money. And Big Pharma, are NOT friends to anyone.

Finally there might be a study that is not biased, but out to learn the truth. Thank you Robert F. Kennedy and President Trump! Thank you! It is about time!

Heather Rose Lockwood

Heather Rose Lockwood 3 days ago

Fuck RFK. He's pro vax and will lead us to slaughter. Wake up anti vaxxers, this is a trap, vaccines cannot be made safe and must be BANNED.

Kristine Hicks

Kristine Hicks 3 days ago

Tucker Carlson, you ROCK! Thank you!!! FINALLY......


MediaHorde 3 days ago

KUDOS Tucker. I can sift through the current Media BS and misdirection pretty well. But the biggest problem I have with the current form of news is they're complete disregard for the things we need to know. First time I've seen this man on anything but the Internet in a long time.


JK NK 3 days ago

Thank you for having a show on this! Vaccinations need to be brought out into the light

Daena Martinez

Daena Martinez 3 days ago

awesome interview 😊 we don't do the flu vaccine or other vaccines, because of what they put into them. please do your research before you or your love ones get vaccinations. one awesome website is called, children of God. A lot of information there about vaccines. even the new ones like gardasil vaccine. they're given this to boys. I am a nurse and the men who carries the HPV virus, it does nothing to the male, but he can transfer the virus to the woman and later in life she will get cervical cancer. I would not give my daughter the gardasil vaccine, because of the lack of honesty in the vaccination industry. it's all about profit. we are their test subjects. they care nothing about us and our children. God bless you all and I hope this helps many of you out there.


fibsernum30 3 days ago

As a mostly liberal thinker and voter, I find it interesting that many liberals fight for the right of a woman to control her own body with regard to abortion (a position with which I agree), but want to deny parents the right to control what the government injects into their children's bodies. A nation of Vaxx-Nazis, dedicated to sustaining huge stock profits for investors in big Pharmaceuticals, is an evil and undemocratic society.

Christine McKenna

Christine McKenna 3 days ago

Rockefellers control The Pharmacutical Industry. David Rockefeller was " concerned about the World Population growth". Polio Vaccine programs in 3rd world countries have caused the death of thousands of babies. Women given Tetunus vaccines had spontaneous abortions in India. Research its all documented. MERCURY in vaccines! wake up everyone. Vaccine programs are becoming mandatory.

Ex's Gaming Channel

Ex's Gaming Channel 3 days ago

very awesome, tucker!

Guy from Tennessee

Guy from Tennessee 3 days ago

Oh, God! How many times are we going to do this!


dreamdancer 3 days ago

“Vaccines Are Unavoidably Unsafe”
Don’t take my word for it. These are the words of Justice Scalia in Bruesewitz v. Wyeth, LLC in a Supreme Court decision in 2011. Unfortunately, due to the protections afforded the vaccine maker in the National Childhood Vaccine Act of 1986, the Court ruled against a vaccine injured plaintiff in the case. How?

In the 1980s, children were having adverse reactions to the DTP (diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis) vaccine. Lots of lawsuits were being filed against docs and vaccine manufacturers. This caused the pharmaceutical industry to threaten pulling out of the vaccine market, and the alarm bells rang that the nation’s health and safety were at risk. Why were vaccine manufacturers getting ready to take their ball and go home? Because vaccines fall into a class of products considered “unavoidably unsafe.” I am not kidding you. This “unavoidable” word comes from the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act itself “products which, in the present state of human knowledge, are quite incapable of being made safe.”

In 1986, Congress decided on a way to compensate folks for these avoidable injuries and death. It is called the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. From 2001 until 2011 the program has compensated about 2500 families a total of $2 billion. There has been close to $4 billion paid to date since inception. But, that represents only a small fraction of those who actually brought claims to the Vaccine Court. You see, there is a 36 month window to bring the claim. There is no “tolling” granted for minors, unlike all the Civil Courts in the U.S. Guess what? Neurological injuries may not present in infants for long after 36 months. Furthermore, who knows how many cases were never brought by attorneys on behalf of a vaccine injured child, because the statute of limitations ran out?

Don’t let anyone tell you that vaccines don’t cause injury. They have, they do and they will do so in the future. For years, Thimerosal was used as a preservative in multi-dose vials. While still proclaiming it “safe”, vaccine makers “voluntarily” removed Thimerosal. It is still present in trace amounts and in flu vaccine. Thimerosal was never approved by the FDA, as the patents predated the establishment of said regulations. Worried?

With nearly 6,000 cases pending the USCFC held the “Omnibus Autism Hearings.” They decided not to make “autism” a “table injury.” How convenient. Since there would never be enough money to pay for all who claim an “autism” injury. But, there have been many cases compensated for “encephalopathy” as a diagnosis with reference to autism. You can read it: http://digitalcommons.pace.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1681&context=pelr

For the record, I am not “anti-vaccine.” Both of my children were fully vaccinated. Unfortunately for us, our son was neurologically disabled by vaccines. It is indisputable, yet the government and the vaccine makers still think that there is a “greater good” to be served. They may be right. But, let’s not fool ourselves. Vaccines can be made safer. It is about money.

Walter Samuel

Walter Samuel 3 days ago

Is this dude sitting on a Dildo????. 😁

Humberto Hidalgo

Humberto Hidalgo 3 days ago

yes, this man is 100% right

John T

John T 3 days ago

He knows he's being used for sympathy because of his disorder but goes on fox anyway to spread the message. Seems like a decent guy from the little I read but he had a better support group than most.

It's Russia

It's Russia 3 days ago

What out Tucker. You cover this type of thing and you wind up floating face down in a river.


600020009 3 days ago

Holy cow, Time has not been kind to R.F. Kennedy Jr. :(

Planet Mikusha

Planet Mikusha 3 days ago

WTF are this guy's qualifications?


Shadowraith0 3 days ago

Damn, that's kind of scary actually.

Planet Mikusha

Planet Mikusha 3 days ago

Sounds like RFK Jr. is back on drugs.


GlamourGirl 4 days ago

In Australia we're blackmailed by the govnt into vaccinating our kids. No vaccination no welfare


Vercetti 4 days ago

My brother was normal at 0 to 3 then after his vaccine he was never the same fuck vaccines he's now autistic and its my problem because I'm never sending him to a home.


brooklyn 4 days ago

Give kids garlic, diotatious earth food grade,ginger,green drinks etc not chemicals.


Frostacious 4 days ago

There needs to be a lift of not being able to sue vaccine companies and we need to start suing these MOFOS


hotathlete2 4 days ago

Wants up with this guys voice? Just another retarded kennedy.

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