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Here's What Happens If You Get Too​ Close To A Neutron Star
Published: 6 days ago By: Science Channel

A neutron star is one of the most dangerous objects in the universe. Neutron stars are the densest things besides black holes. A stone sized piece of this star would weigh 100 million metric tons.
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Alex Gonzalez

Alex Gonzalez 2 minutes ago

almost the same with a black hole.

Антон Валерьевич

Антон Валерьевич 4 minutes ago

А почему гравитационное линзирование от нейтронной звезды не показали?

Guardian Craft - gaming

Guardian Craft - gaming 17 minutes ago

gg Chuck nice dab btw.

Carl Sanfilipo

Carl Sanfilipo 20 minutes ago

Three Dog??? Is that you??


KARKAT 33 minutes ago


Isaac Beke

Isaac Beke 48 minutes ago

Captain obvious has spoken

Richard Cee

Richard Cee 59 minutes ago

Neutron Stars are cool, I want one!

tsunami tutu

tsunami tutu 1 hour ago

if it was Chuck Norris he would make a gravitational field that will rib the neitron star apart

Karl Storey

Karl Storey 1 hour ago

What a joke... The earth is flat, the only thing they took to space was your imagination.


ORipperO 1 hour ago


Kevin Wimberly

Kevin Wimberly 1 hour ago


Hunain Khalid

Hunain Khalid 2 hours ago

so would you dieded?

krishna CoC

krishna CoC 2 hours ago

what happens when you approach sun ? YOU WILL GET BURNED TO DEATH, YOUR BONES WILL MELT .... blah blah

I hate science channels that gives irrelevant info which gives no value add


Vitroex 2 hours ago

Is this Jimmy Neutrons Super Saiyan mode?


TheWalz15 2 hours ago

This is three dog, bow wow


Baxham100 2 hours ago

what would happen if you lobbed a neutron star at a nother neutron star


Xianavium 3 hours ago

Chuck did the dab

Peter Heimen

Peter Heimen 3 hours ago

I swear the male narrator voices Nazir in skyrim's dark brotherhood quest


Ulieq 3 hours ago

This channel sucks


BlackNoseDog 3 hours ago

chuck norris went to neutron star twice

Omar Hernandez

Omar Hernandez 3 hours ago

I'm just waiting for that one comment that goku and vegeta could train on a neutron star....

Robert T

Robert T 3 hours ago


Scott Holder

Scott Holder 3 hours ago

Lol chuck dabbed

bogwood moonrocks

bogwood moonrocks 3 hours ago

thats the funiest shit i ever wasted 10 mins on


rainick 3 hours ago

Threeeeeee Dog does science.

bogwood moonrocks

bogwood moonrocks 3 hours ago



AAAivaras 3 hours ago

dab on these bitchstars

ThaRedstonePro 2

ThaRedstonePro 2 3 hours ago

01:18 DAB!!!

Albert Norris

Albert Norris 4 hours ago

Chuck would destroy that star..because his last name is norris.

zawadi kagira

zawadi kagira 4 hours ago

ssup guy from crash course

Bikki Lama

Bikki Lama 4 hours ago

chuck norris....really?

Timothy Dingman

Timothy Dingman 4 hours ago

You might want to look at Larry Niven's scifi work, "Tales of Known Space."


FUN 4 hours ago

What happens when a Black Hole nears a Neutron Star???????

Gabriel Fenech Azzopardi

Gabriel Fenech Azzopardi 4 hours ago

Dab thumbnail

Kristian Igama

Kristian Igama 4 hours ago

Since where talking impossible here....
Can superman survive falling the neutron star?
How about goku? Optimus prime? The hulk?
Just wondering. Thanks.


StandingInTheGarden 4 hours ago

1:29 chucks dabbin yo


SethHulse 4 hours ago

Reading all of the comments here, you people are out of touch freak geeks that substitute logic, evidence, and hands on experimentation for bad math, comic books and ad hoc fantasies.

Hai nice to meet you!

Hai nice to meet you! 4 hours ago

a dummy dabing

gelyn miranda

gelyn miranda 4 hours ago

Sounds like a glorious way to die.


zamosa 5 hours ago

can I send the mr's there?


Aqueous93 5 hours ago

is it the legend27?


xyrus85 5 hours ago

"The gravity is pulling on him so hard, that he is accelerating all the way down to the surface."
No way! You mean, despite there is nothing to slow him down?


SethHulse 5 hours ago

you are so full of it. talking about ad hoc fallasy that doesnt even work mathematically, not to mention goes against known laws of physics. Island of stability for one. Please have some humility and drop the big bang theory and stop wasting our money.

john smith

john smith 5 hours ago

what was the point off this video....?...these people are all speculating. ...none of them actually know what they are talking about. ...just alot of guessing and not every star or in this case neutron star is the same....I mean come on these people can barley go back to the Moon or truly go and study other planets in OUR own solar system and bring us Straight answers..yet they claim this bullshit as fact. ..gtfoh. Don't believe everything you hear on the internet. FACT IS NO ONE REALLY KNOWS what the capabilities of a neutron star is. ..they are all different.

Brian Geary

Brian Geary 5 hours ago

haven't watched the video yet, but I'm guessing, die...

Leandro Lima

Leandro Lima 5 hours ago

It's theoretical, and most likely non-existent.

Amit Garg

Amit Garg 5 hours ago

If we get close to Neutron Star, We Will Fall into it same as we fall on earth from space. Just settle the friction thing, Heat .. Gravity will not tore your body to atomic level because your entire body will face same amount of gravity on each cell. When you get closer and closer , You already reached to MAX Speed limit so no chance of wear and tear.

Goh Tee We

Goh Tee We 5 hours ago

I believe if you have a stone sized piece of neutron star matter, it will accelerate so fast towards the ground that it cause a massive earth wiping explosion becos E=MC2


SwineNahNah 5 hours ago

"Planetary protection engineer", well, it turns out that doesn't mean being tasked with building systems to protect us from incoming asteroids, but anyway it's got to be one of the coolest job titles. 8D


Torrriate 5 hours ago

You'd get fried and electrocuted and be dead long before you reach the distances talked about in the clip.

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