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Here's What Happens If You Get Too​ Close To A Neutron Star
Published: 1 month ago By: Science Channel

A neutron star is one of the most dangerous objects in the universe. Neutron stars are the densest things besides black holes. A stone sized piece of this star would weigh 100 million metric tons.
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Mohga Kohn

Mohga Kohn 8 hours ago

it's three dog ooooowoowwwwww

Snail Master

Snail Master 12 hours ago

did someone realised that there is a guy daniny in the thombnail

Joey 10

Joey 10 15 hours ago

That one dude looks and sounds like the father from the Proud Family.


SHADOWZehkromgaming 16 hours ago

y didn't you send Chuck norris

Robby Dudley

Robby Dudley 17 hours ago

You die.


ChaosToTheEnd 18 hours ago

So Three Dog was a narrator before he was a disc jockey


ahrii 22 hours ago

is that Tai Lopez's brother in the beginning? kappa

WSUH Gaming

WSUH Gaming 22 hours ago

can ssjgssj3 goku withstand this gravity?

CMDR Luka Tomato

CMDR Luka Tomato 1 day ago

Huh I thought I'd get an FSD boost


Chromegrillz 2 days ago

Chuck Norris would beaten the neutron star.

Mary Jo Cabactulan

Mary Jo Cabactulan 2 days ago

if a neutron star will continue to pull any stone or ebjects on space utill it becomes bigger and will become earth-like planet maybe? so theres possibility that earth before is a neutron star that spinning around in space pulling objects until the neutron star is not able to pull because of its size.

Kevin Atkins

Kevin Atkins 2 days ago

Talk about a great way to go out! With a big bang!

Bobby 1234

Bobby 1234 2 days ago

Omg moogega cooper is so cute and so graciously elegant

Alex Stormlight

Alex Stormlight 3 days ago

Alright. I just found out where I want to go on vacation this summer. To be the first man to visit a Neutron Star and survive. Wish me luck!

Gamer Streak

Gamer Streak 3 days ago

In the thumbnail he is doing a dab

Tomato Llama

Tomato Llama 3 days ago

Here, Chuck Norris would absorb the neutron star's atoms.


Okane 3 days ago

But... what if we send Chuck Norris?

Petar Ivanovic

Petar Ivanovic 3 days ago

wow... it's gravity is sucking harder than your mom last night.


hurt 3 days ago

thumbnail though... dabdabdab

Blitzersorker Liu

Blitzersorker Liu 3 days ago

The dummy is dabing XD

Thevideogramer 165

Thevideogramer 165 3 days ago

1:30 the dummy did a dab!!!

PewDie Poop

PewDie Poop 3 days ago

shooting star

Preeti Pande I

Preeti Pande I 3 days ago

who is stronger? black hole or neutron star?

Bobby 1234

Bobby 1234 4 days ago

What you are saying here is a complete contradiction. So, let me understand this little better, neutrons are the densest mass ever and with gravity that can bend light , right?? And at the same time with the gravity like that it suppose to suck everything in the surroundings within certain long distances, and then again ,if a dummy would create such a disaster for the planet at the impact, then for sure, a meteor or an asteroid which can get as millions times bigger than a dummy, probably could destroy the neutrons at the impact. So, what you really are saying, these planets can't really exist cuz if they did, they would have been already vanished by any impact , also because of that much gravity, not having an impact is impossible. Hmm so, pls stop contradicting yourself. πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜€
Also, if a fly hits the earth with the speed of million times faster than speed of light, what will happen to earth?? lol
Btw all the points and theories you are presenting, they all contradicting each other, not one point contradicting the story, every point is contradicting the other points. Wtf is going on here ??? Just cuz you think people can't prove it differently, that doesn't mean that you can bullshit all you want πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Ž

Mondo Music

Mondo Music 4 days ago

send an atomic bomb towards it and see what happens


HollatotheBalla 4 days ago

Is a Neutron Star basically black hole junior? Sounds like it has some pretty intense gravitational pulls, enough to bend light but it can still escape. Black holes on the other hand, light can't even escape. So is this what happens to stars that don't have enough mass to turn into a black hole but have just enough to turn into a neutron star?


Bro-T 4 days ago


Pariv Doshi

Pariv Doshi 4 days ago

Pls make Science Channel Go app available in india

Dmitry Emmanuels

Dmitry Emmanuels 4 days ago

I guess you could say that you're literally the bomb once you impact, or you atoms, impact a neutron star.

Winny  Han

Winny Han 4 days ago

if anything is travelling near the speed of light, shit is bound to happen at the impact. no brainer.

Jameson Doane

Jameson Doane 5 days ago


david p

david p 5 days ago

Poor Chuck.....went out with a bang

Jude Francis Yang

Jude Francis Yang 5 days ago

If Chuck Norris was the dummy, the neuron star would bent around him.

Alan Ramos

Alan Ramos 5 days ago

did any one notice tge test dummy was dabbing

Michael Stewart

Michael Stewart 5 days ago

Why are you telling me? "Here's what happens when you get too close to a neutron star" Did someone ask, is that why you titled this video in the form of an answer?

roblox gaming with Maddie and iceboy

roblox gaming with Maddie and iceboy 5 days ago

1:17 DAT DAB DOE!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

C. J. Bailey

C. J. Bailey 5 days ago

What a beautiful death....

Vince Rutherr

Vince Rutherr 6 days ago

no. chuck survives. he is chuck norris. there is no way he couldn't survive.


lohphat 6 days ago

Once again, the depiction of the surface of the neutron star is wildly incorrect.

Because of the intense gravity, surface variations are measured at atomic scales not visible ridges like mountain ranges and valleys as it is here. The gravity is so strong that any in-falling matter which hits the surface and is reduced to its neutrons after the protons and electrons are stripped away in a burst of energy, is simply squished flat. Neutron star surfaces are very, very smooth.

Yekta Coşkun

Yekta Coşkun 6 days ago

is that nazir's voice?

ruby song the inkling #teamoctoboys

ruby song the inkling #teamoctoboys 6 days ago

Chuck is a very powerful nuke Jesus christ

master youtube romania

master youtube romania 7 days ago

at a black hole you get spaghetefiet not at a neutron star

master youtube romania

master youtube romania 7 days ago


BraeTheKid 1111

BraeTheKid 1111 7 days ago

You know.. the thumbnail looks like he's dabing

Max Buchanan

Max Buchanan 7 days ago

The narrators voice is annoying as fuck

Jake Hester

Jake Hester 7 days ago

poor chuck

Neeme Vaino

Neeme Vaino 1 week ago

0:21 it will not fall anywhere. it will go fission and generate an extinction event size explosion, with the power of million gigatons TNT eqv.

Epic!Yandere!Shift Chara

Epic!Yandere!Shift Chara 1 week ago

1:17 DAB!!!

The j brothers Bros

The j brothers Bros 1 week ago

Cuck dabed


TheCoolGamer 1 week ago

is there enough RAM to support that?

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