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This Infamous Image Nearly Started World War III
Published: 1 week ago By: Science Channel

What on Earth?
In the 1960s this strange shape was spotted in Cuba. It brought the world to the brink of war.
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Kernel Sanders

Kernel Sanders 3 days ago

Fucking jews....


N0TS0SUBTLE 5 days ago

This is actually an ancient symbol for Baal and is one of the most powerful demon conjuring symbol in the occult. It has nothing to do with Israel. The people wanted a Menorah for their National symbol but the luciferian, Zionist scum chose this symbol on purpose.

Juan Rosario

Juan Rosario 6 days ago

I was gonna get all over the US for screaming over a goddamn symbol, and then the video said missile


m3m3h1h1 6 days ago

Similar star of david with a circle around it at a Florida Air force base right out side of kissimmee


lonewolfnmoon 6 days ago

Why no mention of the nuclear missiles the US had stationed in Turkey that had provoked the USSR in the first place. The worst thing about propaganda is that it is always one sided and tries to paint the opposition as the perp predator bad evil empire the axis of evil and the other as the victim innocent of any charge angelic angels benign ineffectual incapable of any misconduct the guys with white hats. Much like Capitalists Christians see themselves and the Whole of the Body. What do you see when looking in the mirror and the Crystal Ball looking and listening to the Spirit of Truth reveals what the God eye and ear all seeing all knowing Looks and listens to the whole world past present and future within the blink of the eye and a heartbeat?

Alex Thoma

Alex Thoma 6 days ago

Google "Operation Northwoods" for interesting info surrounding this time period

Finnoula Montalvo

Finnoula Montalvo 6 days ago

Well, I wasn't planning to sleep tonight anyway.

John Barleycorn

John Barleycorn 6 days ago

JFK handled this quite well.

Bisma Oscar

Bisma Oscar 6 days ago

well this is the first time I saw a true reason for the US to be scared of.

Stuart Jones

Stuart Jones 7 days ago

i was hoping it was some ancient magic alien illuminati stuff


krraman666 7 days ago

Oh my days :O

Zachary Pronovost

Zachary Pronovost 7 days ago

strange... today is the release date of the video...
it's still dark as night itself outside my windows and it's almost 12:00 noon


iKingNash 7 days ago

they were summoning demons and the USA was sent by god to stop em


MoOrion 7 days ago

umm... a U-2 isn't a satellite.... there's nothing about satellite imagery in this video at all.

Liquid Dinosaur

Liquid Dinosaur 7 days ago

In the description it says "In the 50's"
Thought this was 1962


Step 7 days ago

Every time I think of US-Cuban war I think of metal gear solid. Learnt so much through those games, even though they're largely fiction

Green Leader

Green Leader 7 days ago

Alarm bells

i cant even

i cant even 7 days ago

nah it didnt

Jan Andrew Donato

Jan Andrew Donato 7 days ago

Reminds me of Full Metal Alchemist? lol


VoltTheHero 7 days ago

Who is watching before World War III?


JanitorIsBack 1 week ago

0:13 there is no one manning the camera on a U2 aircraft. worthless science channel


Pentahydrate 1 week ago

Someone was trying to make the philosopher's stone

Mechanized Ape

Mechanized Ape 1 week ago

How many times are people going to repeat the exact same information? This clip was incredibly annoying.

The Crusading Swordsman

The Crusading Swordsman 1 week ago

Damn Jews

Henry Herreman

Henry Herreman 1 week ago

looks like the pentacross (devils symbol)

Kondwani Banda

Kondwani Banda 1 week ago

what is also not known was that America was also forced to remove it's missiles from Turkey

abud abid

abud abid 1 week ago

im hansom

Ŕ̵̵͟ad̨͢͠ ЯaϾϾooИ

Ŕ̵̵͟ad̨͢͠ ЯaϾϾooИ 1 week ago

this video is dumb


Mickxal 1 week ago

looks like the satanic symbol


StellaStarWolf 1 week ago

Kinda early?

Haider Ali

Haider Ali 1 week ago

That Was after the Americans But their Nukes In Turkey Aimed at the USSR

Naveed Ahmed

Naveed Ahmed 1 week ago

second to comment helli

om pay

om pay 1 week ago

so what?

female sansy

female sansy 1 week ago

sup im first

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