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Is This Boat Floating In Mid-Air? No! But Here's Why It Looks That Way
Published: 1 month ago By: Science Channel

This is one crazy optical illusion.
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Pratik Dhakal

Pratik Dhakal 1 week ago

Well, it seems kinda hard to believe but sure.... whatever floats your boat.


CRAZY DAYZ 2 weeks ago

Distorted harry potter theme plays

Dysphe m

Dysphe m 2 weeks ago

damn they patched this glitch

osama al-enzi

osama al-enzi 3 weeks ago

no it's just the flying dutchman

Rob Hunter

Rob Hunter 3 weeks ago

That's pretty cool. Probably my favorite lesson today...


Barsabus 3 weeks ago

these celebrities suck

king wants

king wants 3 weeks ago

I would like to see it's propeller...

Edi Ramshaj

Edi Ramshaj 3 weeks ago

Then how can you see the down part of the ship ? Isnt that on water ? So its not supposed to be seen if you would see it normally . Can you explain this ?


cqdude01 4 weeks ago

How many people does it take to explain an optical illusion?
No, seriously, their contracts don't allow them to read more than one sentence at a time??


Schoko4craft 4 weeks ago

1:17 wait WAIIIIIIIIIT the hot air changes the speed of light ?! i was 12 years in school but this is new to me

alaa massoud

alaa massoud 1 month ago

Someone typed in a cheat ( come fly with me ) lol


Sano22n 1 month ago


Chris Redfield

Chris Redfield 1 month ago

Isn't a fatamorgana supposed to be inverted?

Snodge Snoodle

Snodge Snoodle 1 month ago

Need to increase the draw distance a bit more.


DailyDoseOfTHC 1 month ago

What about the birds? Why were they going in front of the boat?


Topheye 1 month ago

Who's Guillermo?!

Ali Alshakhs

Ali Alshakhs 1 month ago

Love these cool short clips.


godofwar0678 1 month ago

damn Oluseyi can I borrow your deep ass voice??


Baddriversoz 1 month ago


Station Recreation

Station Recreation 1 month ago

why is the rudder visible? shouldn't it be covered by the water?


NarroTibi 1 month ago

Matt and Simon look so young. Does anybody know when this was originally aired?

Danil Solar

Danil Solar 1 month ago

Actually, I see the horizon line. So what's this all about?

Deana Chandler

Deana Chandler 1 month ago

Yeah, right and the Sun is 93 million miles away too.


ConcordeOne77 1 month ago

??? Uh...what???

Techie Zeeshan

Techie Zeeshan 1 month ago

Still I can't understand​

Enrique Bucio

Enrique Bucio 1 month ago

You can clearly see the faint line. Bruh!

landon S

landon S 1 month ago

you see this a lot when working on ships. you see the sea then the sky and then land and then sky. From a long ways away the land can appear as a thin layer of clouds, that looks like it is just above the sea.

HTP Gaming YT

HTP Gaming YT 1 month ago

I'm guessing that the people at the beach were amazed and thinks how did the owner invented that sail XD

Tyler McCandless

Tyler McCandless 1 month ago

I have a pic of a boat kinda doing that

Ardent Dfender

Ardent Dfender 1 month ago

You gotta luv Science!


burt591 1 month ago

The explanation makes no sense


LimitlessCXIVI 1 month ago

No this is just straight up witchcraft

David Suarez

David Suarez 1 month ago

take that you stupid flatearthers


DJWolves97 1 month ago

The earth is flat confirmed

Rick Sanchez

Rick Sanchez 1 month ago

A mirage nothing special


DailyRandy 1 month ago

Wheres the flat earthers when you need a laugh ?


dasraiser 1 month ago

same principles as Schlieren optics effect.


IamGOD 1 month ago

no wonder people believed in crazy shit back in the day.

Mister Boot

Mister Boot 1 month ago

I wonder how many got burned alive by the church in the past loooool

J. F. M

J. F. M 1 month ago

I don't think hill billies are buying that 😂


Goreuncle 1 month ago

Looks like CGI rather than fata morgana


Vinhhotboi 1 month ago

this is bullshiet

Jeremy Schoonover

Jeremy Schoonover 1 month ago

Load of horse sh*t. Earth is Flat and you've been lied to.

Sai Malgaonkar

Sai Malgaonkar 1 month ago

there are two possibilities
1) This is a fake video or 2) The boat is actually floating on air...
See 0:05.... the bird actually flew beneath the boat which is behind the boat. This is fake video or an illusion.


TurboCMinusMinus 1 month ago

You really didn't do a good job explaining this one. In fact I'd have to say it's actually wrong. You draw a ray from the top of the boat, and talk about refraction -- ok, I understand refraction and density layers -- but that does nothing to explain the actual issue: the apparent separation between the boat bottom and the ocean. Why does the bottom-most part of the boat look like it's floating above the ocean? While the ocean touching it appears far below it? Density layers and refraction do nothing to explain this apparent separation. Seriously, you give "science" a bad name.


N0TS0SUBTLE 1 month ago

Science always comes up with a neat, nice and tidy package to explain things away doesn't it? lol People now have cameras on their persons at all times given the cell phone... so why is this the first time its been caught on film? Why is this the first time something like this has ever been recorded for that matter? The question is, does it appear like this with the naked eye as well? It would have to be much further away to get this effect and I don't think the object would appear that high off the ground either if there were nuances of degree change. For it to look so high up at such a short distance it surely sparks some interesting query. This is a pretty drastic effect and it would take drastic degree differences to produce this illusion.  Also, I could see how this would be possible with large disparities of temperature like the heat glimmering off of pavement creating the illusion of a mirage but this anomaly makes no sense.


phantomlord1981 1 month ago

I still didn't get it


AK40 KXVIN 1 month ago

proof the earth is flat


jedanjedanjedan111 1 month ago


Hugh Jass

Hugh Jass 1 month ago

it's animation point was set too low

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