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Saltwater Everywhere? Learn To Build This Solar-Powered Desalinator!
Published: 1 week ago By: Science Channel

Hacking the Wild | Wednesdays at 10/9c on Science Channel
Andy Quitmeyer harnesses the sun, salt water and some other interesting items to create a solar still.
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jeodude 1 day ago

Ukuleles are proof of a ancient civilization

Locker 44

Locker 44 2 days ago

why would i have my yokoulelele

Marshall Somervell

Marshall Somervell 5 days ago

il just bring some water pills

Samantha Bennett

Samantha Bennett 6 days ago


Robert Yoshida

Robert Yoshida 7 days ago

Good thing I'll have all that shit when I'm on a island 🌴

Cesar P

Cesar P 7 days ago

I have a guitar, will that work?


Xotel 7 days ago

does this work with a cello?

Lemuel Nicholls

Lemuel Nicholls 1 week ago

It is funny how so many of these comments are toxic.


JanitorIsBack 1 week ago

Disclaimer: the survival tips demonstrated in this program are worthless pieces of shit that were taken from SNL skits always ignore anything from science channel as the kardashians are more true to live then anything on our channel


Mojo522 1 week ago

so stupid, now back to reality

Cry Whit

Cry Whit 1 week ago

Hope and pray that island has Wi-Fi in case you forget how to do this.

Junes Surman

Junes Surman 1 week ago

bad demonstration but most of us knows this from Bear Gryll


Marth 1 week ago

Actually they make an inflatable, portable solar still that can produce up to 1-3 liters of water per day depending on your circumstances. It's like $200, but it works, all you gotta do is fill it, and it has a tube that collects the fresh water and dispenses it into your water bottle/whatever collection system you have.


#JasonDedication 1 week ago

never forget a ukelele when you go anywhere outside your house.


Stroop 1 week ago

They should've edited this so that you can see what the hell the finished set up looks like. The way it is now who knows what the arrangement is. Stupid

Creatively random productions

Creatively random productions 1 week ago

I need to fly on a Mexican plane and crash it to make this.... that's not going to be hard at all

TRX The Rian X

TRX The Rian X 1 week ago

first freaking bring a leptop and break it to make a freaking arrow with phone i rather buy a drone now why will i bring ukulele to an island i rather bring water bottle


name 1 week ago

these dumb videos are getting on my nerves.
A couple of more of these and I'm going to unsubscribe.


CheesyIzzy 1 week ago

Do smart things in the dumbest way possible.. I like this channel.

angel alvarado

angel alvarado 1 week ago

Or you can just go buy a bottle of water maybe?

Predator Gaming

Predator Gaming 1 week ago

Every gamer needs this


Daniel90mm 1 week ago

ok, ill rememer this the next time i am stranded on an island with an U K E L E L E

Luca Dorset

Luca Dorset 1 week ago

love this channel

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