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Jeremy Corbyn vows to 'overturn the rigged system' - BBC News
Published: 4 days ago By: BBC News

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has vowed to "overturn the rigged system" by putting power and wealth back in the hands of "the people". In his first major general election speech, he said 8 June's poll was not a "foregone conclusion" and Labour could defy the "Establishment experts". A Labour government would not "play by their rules," he added.
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Peter Leung

Peter Leung 20 minutes ago

Yes Comrade Corbyn.

jay cam

jay cam 8 hours ago

How about £15 an hour that would be more reasonable and in line with the over price rents and the greedy corporate companies that have been Racking in massive profits year on year while giving staff a 10p an hour rise people are really struggling out there when are these people really going to get it

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp 24 hours ago

he is going to win in a landslide! the polls are rigged! trust me ;)


gespilk 1 day ago

1:21 What does "STRONG" and "STABLE" means, you corporate hack? Throwing the little man under the bus and balancing the books by increasing human suffering instead of decreasing the Wealth of the wealthy??
It is a clear choice indeed.

rastin Kosha

rastin Kosha 2 days ago

Go corbyn

Colin Durham

Colin Durham 2 days ago

According to tomorrow's Sunday Mirror/Comres poll:

Lib-Dems - 11%

Labour - 25%

Conservatives - 50%

That's in the Sunday Mirror!

Jamie Z

Jamie Z 2 days ago

So he is going to overturn the rigged system and replace it with a rigged system. Prat.

Xbox-Dude 2003

Xbox-Dude 2003 2 days ago

What a load of bullshit

Jon Amendall

Jon Amendall 2 days ago

he wants to be elected under a rigged system then says he will change it when he gets in. more hypocrisy from the Labour C word.


hawtinandclarke 2 days ago

The definition of unelectable


andrew55944 2 days ago

"next prime minister" HA!

Sally Ramage

Sally Ramage 3 days ago



MashOfficial 3 days ago

Biased journalism. Shame on the BBC.

Sally Ramage

Sally Ramage 3 days ago

I once sabotaged the Tories and offere my services free in the 1996 elections in Bromsgrove. I learnt all their tricks.

Sally Ramage

Sally Ramage 3 days ago

Theresa May does not even have a basic law degree- yet she got into the Privy Council- yet she became Home Secretary.

Sally Ramage

Sally Ramage 3 days ago


Caroline Izminster

Caroline Izminster 3 days ago

F*** Off Corbyn. You're 70 years behind the times.


Anon 3 days ago

what a wolly

Sumanth Lazarus

Sumanth Lazarus 3 days ago



shamanahaboolist 3 days ago

Waahooo! Can the British take their country back? "JEZWECAN!"

Voted Leave

Voted Leave 3 days ago

If you want a Jihadi for a neighbour,

Stephen Farthing

Stephen Farthing 3 days ago

He's a fanciful theorist and one that I don't agree with. I agree with Brenda of Redland in Bristol. I don't care much for the General Election. For now I don't want to know. I won't be voting in this General Election. Because it is wrong!

roy borrill

roy borrill 3 days ago

Poor Jeremy hasn't got a chance i'm sorry to say. Now, if he were to support Brexit and immigration control then i reckon he'd stand a very good chance of winning. People want change, but Jeremy and the Labour Party haven't got a clue about how the ordinary person feels about these issues. And that's why he will lose big time i'm afraid.

Princess ナコルル

Princess ナコルル 3 days ago

Unfortunately, labour have one ENORMOUS elephant in the room by the name of Diane Abbot.

Jesús Gutiérrez

Jesús Gutiérrez 3 days ago

Every enthusiast contains a false enthusiast, every lover a
false lover, every man of genius a false man of genius, and,
as a rule, every fault its counterfeit: this is necessary in order
to assure the continuity of one's personality, not only in the
eyes of others but in one's own-in order to understand
oneself, count upon oneself, think of oneself; in order, in
short, to be oneself.

Jack Ah

Jack Ah 3 days ago

He's getting strong support from my constituency and it's a swing seat Tory seat.

Mick G.

Mick G. 3 days ago

Yeah, right......


JDredbull 3 days ago

meh i dont believe it thats for sure, you will get in power and none of what you say will happen, it will all be blocked in some manner or other, and many men before you have tried before. you will get in power just like trump did in america and the 1st thing on your list will be a U-turn, the second will be altered and watered down to something else, and then the stuff that makes little difference will happen, and all the while this takes place you will join the ranks of politicians that stand before a microphone and learn how to talk BS in a formal yet conservative manner as they all do


vista202 3 days ago

someone tell corbyn to stop trying to make 'fetch' happen


32ndSystem 3 days ago

Change your immigration policy. Then you'll be a viable option.


peppersdog1 4 days ago


brian rennie

brian rennie 4 days ago

let them all in loony

matty mat

matty mat 4 days ago

the hypocricey of this party, the reason england is over crowded and spread thin is the labour party/blair the british people hater and brown the scottish man. corbyn has even said he will cut classroom sizes for our children, thanks for talking a good game to cure the problem labour have caused. blair/brown/cameron= the anti england working class brigade.

John Henderson

John Henderson 4 days ago

The bbc sounds so unbiased no loyalty to any party, yet they are run by conservatives. Thats what the bbc licence is for, promoting tory rhetoric.

Michael Mariner

Michael Mariner 4 days ago

No He won't..He's a Politician,THEY ALL LIE..Every minute of the day..Both sides are part of the same group..Liars!

Precious Snowflake

Precious Snowflake 4 days ago

Thankfully we'll have a Tory government with a strong mandate. We need a hard Brexit and the demise of leftist liberal nonsense.


burtlangoustine1 4 days ago

Corbyn isnt ex SAS or a banking tycoon, oilman or illuminati. He's a regular bloke and it still baffles me that he's in politics. So refreshing

Louella Wilson

Louella Wilson 4 days ago

Corbyn will not win because the lamestream media like the BBC, the blairites and the ruling establishment will make sure he will never win. The UK is like the U.S., a country with two right wing main parties. Be careful what you wish for.

Jusna Begum

Jusna Begum 4 days ago

BBC is so biased about Corbyn and the general British media.


fesa 4 days ago

hope corby wins, 12 years of robbing & raping the poor, oppression, harassment, poverty, bloodshed, bully, cold blooded murder under tories will be wiped out

Ecléctico Iconoclasta

Ecléctico Iconoclasta 4 days ago

Corbyn in the end just had bad luck. If the scottish situation didn´t exist Corbyn would be the next PM. Since that is not going to happen then i have decided to support scottish independence and Irish reunification. After that the Labour Party will win with another socialist candidate

Psyop CoverUp

Psyop CoverUp 4 days ago

Its the economy stupid, and dont be mislead by the hysteria and fear peddling mainstream media bias. Remember ppl vote with their pockets and Corbin wins on policies, May and her crony capitalist bailed out bankster oligarchs knows it.

2017 Labour Party Manifesto (from anotherangryvoice blog)

Ban companies based in tax havens bidding for government contracts
It's astounding that this isn't the case already. How on earth could anyone even attempt to justify taxpayers' cash being paid to companies based in tax havens for the purpose of dodging tax?

£10 minimum wage for all workers over the age of 18
The UK is the only country in the developed world where workers' wages are declining in real terms, while the economy is actually growing. A £10 minimum wage would help to reverse this scenario, and it would also significantly reduce the cost of in-work benefits like tax credits and housing benefit (most of which goes to working families these days).

All rented accommodation to be fit for human habitation
Again, astounding that this isn't the case already, but in January 2016 the Tories (over 1/3 of whom are landlords) deliberately voted down a Labour Party amendment to their housing bill to ensure that all rented accommodation is fit for human habitation.

Renationalise the railways
This is a very popular policy that is supported by an overwhelming majority of the public. Do you support rail renationalisation too, or are you one of the minority who think that the current shambles is acceptable?

Renationalise the NHS
The Tory party have been carving up the English NHS and distributing the pieces to the private sector, Jeremy Corbyn has pledged to reverse this process. Are you one of the 84% of people who thinks the NHS should be run as a not for profit public service, or the 7% who agree with the ongoing Tory privatisation agenda?

Free school meals
The policy of providing free school meals to all school children between the ages of 4 and 11 is based on evidence based research showing that universal free school meals lead to significantly improved grades. It will be paid for by ending the generous tax breaks (public subsidies) for the 7% of kids who go to private fee-paying schools.

Create a National Education Service
Jeremy Corbyn believes that education is a right, not a commodity. He wants to create an integrated National Education Service to ensure that education is freely available to anyone who needs it.

Scrap tuition fees
Thanks to the Tories (and their Lib-Dem enablers) UK students now face the most expensive tuition fees in the industrialised world for study at public universities, meaning students typically leave university with £50,000 of debt, and two thirds of them will never pay off their student debts. Labour would end this lunacy by getting rid of student fees.

Restore NHS Bursaries
One of the first things Theresa May did when she came to power was to scrap NHS bursaries for nurses and other NHS workers. This removal of financial support for nurses has caused a huge 10,000 decline in the number of applicants to nursing courses. This collapse in nursing recruitment would be bad enough in its own right, but in combination with a record increase in the number of EU nurses quitting the NHS and a mind-boggling 92% fall in nursing recruitment from EU countries, the UK is clearly facing a massive NHS recruitment crisis. Labour would reverse this calamitous state of affairs by restoring NHS Bursaries for trainee nurses.

Increase the carers allowance
Labour are proposing to increase the Carers Allowance for the 1 million unpaid carers in the UK. This would be paid for by scrapping the Tories' Inheritance Tax cut for millionaires. Unpaid carers save the UK economy an estimated £132 million a year, and they're doing ever more work as a result of the £4.6 billion in Tory cuts to the social care budget.

Create a National Investment Bank
This is actually one of Jeremy Corbyn's best policies, but few people actually understand it. It's absolutely clear that allowing private banks to determine where money is invested ends up in huge speculative bubbles in housing and financial derivatives, while the real economy is starved of cash. A National Investment Bank would work by investing in things like infrastructure, services, businesses and regional development projects, and would end up becoming a kind of sovereign wealth fund for the UK.

End the public sector pay freeze
Under Tory rule UK workers suffered the longest sustained decline in real wages since records began. The public sector pay freeze contributed massively to this. You'd have to be economically illiterate to imagine that repressing public sector wages with below inflation pay rises for year after year would not exert downwards pressure on private sector wages too. Ending the public sector pay freeze would actually boost the economy by putting more money in people's pockets, meaning an increase in aggregate demand.

End sweetheart tax deals between HMRC and massive corporations
David Cameron (the son of a tax-dodger) repeatedly lied through his teeth about how serious he was about confronting tax-dodging, whilst allowing HMRC to concoct sweetheart deals with corporations like Google, Vodafone and Starbucks. One of the main reasons the corporate press are so strongly opposed to Jeremy Corbyn is that they know that unlike David Cameron, he's serious when he talks about clamping down on tax-dodging.

Stop major corporations ripping off their suppliers
Major corporations are withholding an astounding £26 billion through late payment, which is responsible for an estimated 50,000 small businesses going bust every year. The scale of this problem is so massive that it should be a national scandal, and Jeremy Corbyn is absolutely right to align himself with small businesses to defend their interests.

Reverse the Tory corporation tax cuts
Since 2010 the Tories have cut the rate of corporation tax for major multinational corporations from 28% to just 17% (by 2020) meaning the UK has one of the lowest corporation tax rates in the developed world. The global average is 27% and the G7 average is 32.3%. Theresa May has already threatened to lower the corporation tax even further to turn post-brexit Britiain into a tax haven economy, Corbyn is proposing to do the opposite and increase corporation tax rates so they're more in line with the rest of the developed world.

Defend Human Rights
Theresa May has repeatedly expressed her intention to tear up Winston Churchill's finest legacy, the European Convention on Human Rights. Labour would oppose this Tory attack on our human rights.

Zero Hours Contracts ban
Almost a million UK workers are now on exploitative Zero Hours Contracts. Last year the New Zealand parliament voted to ban them, and Labour is proposing to do the same. Long-term employees and workers doing regular hours would be protected from Zero Hours Contract exploitation.

Holding the Tories to account over Brexit
Labour have said that they won't block Brexit, but they will seek to hold the Tories to account over it. A landslide Tory victory would be a disaster for the UK because it would allow Theresa May to pursue the most right-wing pro-corporate anti-worker Brexit possible with almost no democratic scrutiny. The only way to make sure the Tories don't push a fanatically right-wing Brexit on the nation is to ensure that there are plenty of opposition MPs to hold them to account.

Under the Tory government the level of UK housebuilding has slumped to the lowest levels since the 1920s, even though demand for housing is extremely high. Labour are guaranteeing to invest in a programme of housebuilding, and committing to ensure that half of the new houses are social housing. This wouldn't just alleviate the housing crisis, it would also stimulate the economy by increasing aggregate demand.

Combat inequality
George Osborne's ideological austerity agenda resulted in the longest sustained decline in workers' wages since records began and condemned an additional 400,000 children to growing up in poverty, meanwhile the tiny super-rich majority literally doubled their wealth. Labour is pledging to reduce the inequality gap and introduce progressive policies to reduce the gap between the incomes of the highest and lowest paid. There is plenty of evidence to show that the least unequal societies are more economically successful places where the people are happier.

:-p :-D

:-p :-D 4 days ago

JEREMY CORBYN=FAIRER SOCIETY. Conservatives=inequality, privatisation of our NHS. I know who I'm voting for. Let's make June the end of May! #JC4PM

Alfred was Great

Alfred was Great 4 days ago

The Labour party and it's supporters are all on a road to nowhere. Without substance, policies, and currently no union support. Another landslide victory for the Conservatives awaits.

Tories Out

Tories Out 4 days ago

Opinion polls don't mean anything when we don't even have proportional representation. Anyway, the more the biased media keep saying that Theresa May will win, the less motivated Tory voters will be to turn out. Hilary Clinton partly lost for that reason. A fairer Britain is possible! #VoteLabour.

Similo Ndiweni

Similo Ndiweni 4 days ago

anti Corbyn BBC establishement so called journalists have been unleashed to demonized, misrepresent Corbyn and the labour party....Corbyn will be PM despite the media smears....Tories offer the 99.9% of the UK nothing lets be clear....

Ben Gorrad

Ben Gorrad 4 days ago

The quote marks say it all about the BBCs disdain for democratic socialism.

Linda Harris

Linda Harris 4 days ago

l believe Jeremy Corbin will win even with BBC bias #JC4PM

Phil Dobson

Phil Dobson 4 days ago

Labour Party messes up the economy then bails out banks! Paying full 25 year bad dept mortgage value for every house just a few months in arrears, allowing banks to double up by repossessing houses, leaving people homeless, then on housing benefit, taking our country down further.

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