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Gutfeld: Don't call it a comeback, Hillary
Published: 6 days ago By: Fox News

Is America ready for Clinton to 'come out of the woods'?

Optima Mentis

Optima Mentis 3 days ago



Visori 4 days ago

I support Trump but this show is not funny.

Jerry G

Jerry G 4 days ago

Go away, Hillary.We've clearly had enough.
And get the fuck away from my Irish banner. You do NOT represent me

Amber Nicole

Amber Nicole 4 days ago

Time for the olden days survival like on OldLostWays ( . ) com

jeff snow

jeff snow 5 days ago

Hillary is like hard mucus after a good night sleep!

Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent 5 days ago

gutfeld would make a great white house press secretary

Paul W

Paul W 5 days ago

The devil has recharged.  must have done some demonic spells to make its comeback.  arrest this pig.

Esii Pyo

Esii Pyo 5 days ago

Suddenly the deplorables doesn't look so deplorable anymore"-i love it :)......well i guess now hillary need votes from deplorables for 2020 huh....go back to your safe space sucker.


DTH Mom 5 days ago

This broad is like IBS . Disgusting but continuous.


069220 5 days ago

Christ! You guys haven't licked her up yet?! What a piece of garbage she is, pure criminal!


SpiritsEnchantments 5 days ago

Trump is making a mockery out of being the POTUS.


SpiritsEnchantments 5 days ago


Jim Smith

Jim Smith 5 days ago

Can't that old nasty bitch just go somewhere and die quietly?

Knight Oyin

Knight Oyin 5 days ago

Ouch! Gufeld went in hard - but Hillary deserves it!


Tav144 5 days ago


Leon and Mindy Raffield

Leon and Mindy Raffield 5 days ago

My husband and I love watching your show. How you interpret information is not only hillarious but true as well. However can't it be funny without the bad language?
You are a natural when it comes to presenting information in every way. Adding profanity doesn't make the entertainment pop anymore than it would if you just speak in a perfessional way.

Shay Houk

Shay Houk 6 days ago

A bad penny always returns!

Alex Beyer

Alex Beyer 6 days ago

Well, if her NY mayoral attempt was anything to go by, it just turns out, everyone hates you hillary and you only won the popular votes through illegal means. Especially if we go with rally sizes. You're a disingenuous racist cunt. "I keep hotsauce in my purse like every black woman does. Let me affect a 'negro' accent when I read this poem. While I'm in the south, I'll put on this bullshit southern accent as I look at blue collar workers and tell them they can fuck right off with their coal and their main source of income. Oh no Matt Lauer went off script, let me throw a colossal temper tantrum and hit someone while I get blackout drunk on the plane." You keep finding the stupid bitch in the forest since she's visiting the locations she's buried the bodies to piss on their graves.


SHB 6 days ago

Why isn't this crooked, evil, lying, old, sick, diaper wearing, bitch in Federal Prison.

John Dough

John Dough 6 days ago

In schools of psychology they will be studying Trump supporters for many years to come.


OasisofSpirit 6 days ago

A comeback for Hillary means she got Bill to cum on her back! Since her cunt was to full OF Comey! Ha! Ha! Ha! You lost Bitch, go LAY on your stomach and have all the CUM BACK YOU WANT!


TheSweetPerry 6 days ago

Obama and Hillary just won't go away. They are very power hungry.


MichaelSilverChannel 6 days ago

Gotta love the ugly helmet haircut she's sporting now.

L Lawliet

L Lawliet 6 days ago

The DNC is using spit and polish to spruce up Hillary. "There, the old hag is good as new!"

Kurt Boulter

Kurt Boulter 6 days ago

Go back into the woods you smelly hag! America is far better off while you are deep in the woods, but all of the lovely animals were protesting to get rid of her and her smelly, well used pant suits. Tough being caught between a hag and a stinky whore. (rock and a hard place)

Jim Smith

Jim Smith 6 days ago

Trump for Prison!


BubbaCrane 6 days ago

She can run for office on the moon. Take Trump too

Chris R

Chris R 6 days ago

Hilary is a sack of shit.

carl marc

carl marc 6 days ago

Oh yes. I'm so glad we are heading back to the recession ridden, major terrorist attack world the right-wing douche bags loved so much under Bush.

Biruk Tola

Biruk Tola 6 days ago

This man the ugliest journalist I have ever seen in my entire.

rav kana

rav kana 6 days ago

She's far better than current monkey! Lock him....lock his lying mouth!


AmazingGrace 6 days ago

Where's Bigfoot when you need him?

Will Px

Will Px 6 days ago

Does lashing out at Clinton ease the pain of Trump humiliation today?

Gary Biggs

Gary Biggs 6 days ago

Yes, Hitlery lost her job as a Walmart door greeter due to poor people skills. Guess she'll be back at the political game now trying to run & ruin our lives

Roc Cocky2

Roc Cocky2 6 days ago

It's time to get out the silver bullets and put down that Shebitch once and for All !


BrandNubian1863 6 days ago

I wonder why they spend so much time talking about the left on this show.... oh yeah, it's because the Republican party is shit. They've held office for two months and have managed to damage our international reputation, make it easier to pollute, be under multiple investigations, screw over the middle class, show they're incompetence on Healthcare, and generally help no one in the country except Billionaires. Oh well, glad i'm a Billionaire.

Stephen Francescon

Stephen Francescon 6 days ago

Jeff Sessions needs to unleash the justice department loose on the CLINTON CARTEL and lock all of their lying stealing crooked asses the hell up and forget where they are!!!!!

Real Trump Supporter

Real Trump Supporter 6 days ago

Hillbama. Well I'm sure she has a bag full of tricks. We all know Hillbama only feeds off of it's maggots

Ralph Wiggum

Ralph Wiggum 6 days ago

If she was mayor of NY it would officially be renamed Gotham.



Hillary for prison!

C North

C North 6 days ago

the only come back hillary knows of is all of the backs bill came on.

leon singleton

leon singleton 6 days ago

The only thing Hillary has coming back are the jobs she helped send to Mexico and China.

Diabando Guzman

Diabando Guzman 6 days ago

The return of the Corrupt, Scandal Ridden, Bag of Lies ? Oh the humanity.

Sss K

Sss K 6 days ago

Fox looks stupid

Tavish McGinty

Tavish McGinty 6 days ago

LOL! Fox "news" and the Trump - Putin White House are a joke and laughing stock.

Cloudhost Website

Cloudhost Website 6 days ago

Hillary's coming out of the closet? Finally!

Wanda Fuqua

Wanda Fuqua 6 days ago

Sasquatch is coming out of the woods and trying to infiltrate your home and take your guns and take your liberties

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