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We Could Be Surrounded By Dark Matter Objects And Not Know It
Published: 6 days ago By: Science Channel

Scientists have been searching for dark matter particles for years, yet we still have no idea what they look like. One theory suggests we can't find them because there isn't just one type of particle -- just like with normal matter.
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David Howells

David Howells 5 days ago

How would dark matter be interacting with itself sufficiently strongly to do 'dark chemistry' as it were? I thought the main characteristic of dark matter is that it doesn't interact electromagnetically - the force responsible for chemistry. If it did do EM interactions, then it shouldn't be dark.


Tamzid 5 days ago

The real reason we can't see dark matter is because they are wimps.

I know where the door is.

Spone Mr

Spone Mr 5 days ago

or the maths is wrong and you need to rethink the mass of the universe .

David Suarez

David Suarez 6 days ago

haha take that you stupid ghost stories, even a fucking normal matter ghost can't fight dark matter, think before you believe you idiots

metroid 6464

metroid 6464 6 days ago

they should be looking for metroids.

Faiz Othman

Faiz Othman 6 days ago

The woman always wears the same blue shirt in every video

Geneva Loera

Geneva Loera 6 days ago

what the hell is dark matter​?


Mlogan11 6 days ago

Is there a Dark Matter Trump?

Supersonic Hamster USA

Supersonic Hamster USA 6 days ago

also our matter can be the dark matter. maybe we're the elusive ones.

Samuel h

Samuel h 6 days ago

shadow people look for it

Home Grown23

Home Grown23 6 days ago

I wonder if the universe is a cycle and black holes ate everything in the universe then when there where two massive black holes left when they collided that was the Big Bang and every thing the black holes ate got throw out when they collided

Dylan T

Dylan T 6 days ago

But it is interacting with our universe. we can see its effects on large scales.


cookiejohnny 6 days ago

So let's say dark matter people are a thing. If I bumped into a dark matter person, we'd both pop out of existence?


tskcthulhu 6 days ago

relax kids, there is no dark matter at all.

Ronald Teves

Ronald Teves 6 days ago

under my underarm is a dark matter


Lordious 6 days ago



ArcanHage 6 days ago

It would be more practical show equations and more logical proofs, I know that dark matter is a very complex subject, but this video could be more reliable.

Rauli Kumpulainen

Rauli Kumpulainen 6 days ago

yes. i have pathetic little whimps surrounding me everyday.

Bishant is_here

Bishant is_here 6 days ago

What if dark matter is consciousness. After we die all that remains is our consciousness and we call it ghost.
We cant see it and it can pass through anywhere it can control matter to form its desired body. It depends upon its level of consciousness, if its highly conscious that means it is intelligent, can form human body and also can reproduce to form another human of same species of same level of consciousness.

Zubair Kazi

Zubair Kazi 6 days ago

Nice fake science piece

Killa Watt

Killa Watt 6 days ago

It's been decades. Trillions of dollars with every type of detector you can think off and we are still yet to find any hard evidence that it exists. Not to mention the mathematics that imply it's existence are parameters that are assumed, exaggerated or just added to fit. There is a strong belief within the scientific community that Dark Matter and Dark Energy may not even exist. Furthermore, a recent paper submitted to the journal Nature purposes the math can be solved and explained without the need of dark matter or energy. I think we are chasing something thats not there. New math and scientific discoveries can open the door to a proper explanation without having to resort to exotic forms of matter that require even more exotic circumstances to even be plausible.

san kitty

san kitty 6 days ago

I honestly don't think like the scientists I think that dark matter isn't what we thing or even isn't real there is no proof . Well if there is no dark matter how is the universe expanding? What about newtons law of gravitation, maybe all those effects will happen eventually what my opinion is there is no proof of dark matter and it seems stupid to me.

Ammar Ibrahim

Ammar Ibrahim 6 days ago


tony parker

tony parker 6 days ago

Soo basically we dont know what it is

Andy Green

Andy Green 6 days ago

It starts to sound like some new age *shit! Try to approach trough systems theory, it would make sense!


lonewolfnmoon 6 days ago

why don't they just say invisible matter? what of dark matter makes it dark? X-rays microwaves radio waves magnetics are all forms of energy that for a time we did not know of nor able to detect. Sort of like emotions. hehe

Tabby Skitty

Tabby Skitty 6 days ago

so awesome I can't wait until I'm a senior then I can take physics

Neumonic Videos

Neumonic Videos 6 days ago

are we a part of dark matter? are we become apart from each other because we are affected?

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein 6 days ago

is the dark matter going through us or are we going through the dark matter?

Mukund Kalra

Mukund Kalra 6 days ago

says that dark matter is passing through me right now..
u would anniliate By now..

Jeremy Huntley

Jeremy Huntley 6 days ago



NuggetOfBlueGold 6 days ago

First! Amit pushed me aside!! >:(

amit damari

amit damari 6 days ago


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