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THEY. - :60 With
Published: 1 month ago By: Vevo

THEY. is a hip-hop duo from Los Angles comprised of Dante Jones and Drew Love. In interviews they've told journalists that their music is about "a new way of thinking" that's "left of center." THEY. opened for Bryson Tiller on the 2016 Trapsoul Tour, and in 2017 released their first album, Nü Religion: Hyena, on the Mind of a Genius label. The video for "U-RITE" premiered on Vevo in February. During their :60 with session, both Dante and Drew tested each other in a rapid-fire interview that revealed a lot of facts about themselves. See what they have to say about Migos' Culture, Rihanna's Unfaithful, and Barack Obama, as well as the Denver Broncos, Nirvana's Polly, and Jodeci. Along the way they describe their first tattoos, what they're most scared of, what's on their bucket list, and the power of Kawhi Leonard.


ThrashRPGOverkill 2 days ago

love their fucking music taste.

Nashae Monroe

Nashae Monroe 2 weeks ago


Luis Serrano

Luis Serrano 1 month ago

sleep on these guys all you want

OG Yee Dinasour

OG Yee Dinasour 1 month ago

60 seconds but a 2 minute video..but okay

Rofl Squad

Rofl Squad 1 month ago

7k views? ahahahaha


ecomunky 1 month ago

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samy chi

samy chi 1 month ago

[email protected]


SuperJ1109 1 month ago

bryson tiller first concert been to...come on to young! lol


Binstru 1 month ago

Hey everyone, have a great day.


EPIC GAMER 1 month ago



박승현 1 month ago


Gideon 11

Gideon 11 1 month ago


Basic Bro

Basic Bro 1 month ago



StoneOneYGM 1 month ago


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Master Bro

Master Bro 1 month ago


Julia Starko

Julia Starko 1 month ago

first 9


YouTu_bella 1 month ago

Any small YouTubers?! I'm giving free subscribers!

Julia Starko

Julia Starko 1 month ago


ll Everythink ll

ll Everythink ll 1 month ago



DanPlayzRBLX 1 month ago

never ever been so early in my life.

Beautiful Julie

Beautiful Julie 1 month ago

like 👌


FRAK 1 month ago

Firs 2

alicia orage

alicia orage 1 month ago

never been so early

Duds 8998

Duds 8998 1 month ago

Manda oi

Freddie Peirce

Freddie Peirce 1 month ago


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