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Hume: Wiretap allegations are a 'continuing embarrassment'
Published: 6 days ago By: Fox News

Fox News senior political analyst weighs in on 'Special Report'

ahmaniuno dos

ahmaniuno dos 5 days ago

The level of cognitive dissonance in american politics is astounding! Trump lied, he lashed out because of the whole Jeff Sessions debacle thereby creating a smoke screen that took some of the heat of the situation. The problem is it backfired and now all the Trump reps have been given the task to muddy the water some more so that people argue over what to argue over. It is working like a swiss watch i'll give them that. #SAD

Terry Ingram

Terry Ingram 6 days ago

Brit Hume you're a syphilitic parasite...


tzmetalsmith 6 days ago

Hume, useless shill.

Kurt Boulter

Kurt Boulter 6 days ago

People who support him have seen the evidence/documents that President Trump was recorded by outside sources, this happens every day. They were leaked in the first days of his administration. It is ONLY the media, habitual liars and leftist loons who claim otherwise. MAGA2020

Andrew S

Andrew S 6 days ago

Rupert Murdoch and Fox News... committed to globalism and the defence of the swamp!

clarity seer

clarity seer 6 days ago


Stampeded Buffalo

Stampeded Buffalo 6 days ago

I don't get it. It's just been released to the pubic that all data and communication between all Americans is stored in Utah and there's still this Russian narrative that Russia has interfered with US elections.

Zar Doz

Zar Doz 6 days ago

Hume you fucking idiot. IT WAS ALREADY REPORTED IN THE NYT THAT IN FACT TRUMP TOWER WAS WIRETAPPED. And here it is; "The F.B.I. is leading the investigations, aided by the National Security Agency, the C.I.A. and the Treasury Department’s financial crimes unit. The investigators have accelerated their efforts in recent weeks but have found no conclusive evidence of wrongdoing, the officials said. One official said intelligence reports based on some of the wiretapped communications had been provided to the White House." https://www.nytimes.com/2017/01/19/us/politics/trump-russia-associates-investigation.html?_r=0


7700778737 6 days ago

Comrade Trump, LIAR- in- Chief.


TheoKabala89 6 days ago

The only thing Obama has "tapped" is Trump's head. The man is crazy.

Brian Allen

Brian Allen 6 days ago

Trump did this to himself. His current predicament is because he lied about wiretaps to distract from other, previous lies.
Remember the party of personal responsibility? I don't.

Diane Merwin

Diane Merwin 6 days ago

Will Px are you masturbating?

Duane Brocious

Duane Brocious 6 days ago

Project Dragnet, Vault7 and their own investigation of "collusion:" prove Trump was "wire tapped" under Obama. Comey is a liar and a traitor.

Al Chopp

Al Chopp 6 days ago



EASYTIGER10 6 days ago

Reading the comments, I wonder how much more crap some diehard Trump supporters are prepared to take before they realize (like more and more people are) that Trump is a potentially dangerous bullshitter who's dragging the presidency - and potentially the country - into the sewer.

Vic Volleti

Vic Volleti 6 days ago

Cucks like Brit are an embarrassment.

Patrick Cator

Patrick Cator 6 days ago

President Trump is doing what he said he would do and that's what is important. All this other stuff is uninteresting BS and the voters wish you would quit talking about


L B 6 days ago

Look at Fox News; actually reporting the no-holds-barred truth about a RINO I mean "Republican" for once.

anon buddy

anon buddy 6 days ago

problem i have with fox news...doesnt jump on board with trumps narrative...for fucks sake do you not see what he is doing

The Plastic Paddy

The Plastic Paddy 6 days ago

I support Trump but he needs to show evidence of wire tapping.... Its getting embarrassing now

Bob Clavile

Bob Clavile 6 days ago

I love it that liberals like Pelosi are convinced that Trump has done something wrong, or illegal. The more they expose their STUPIDITY, the better it is for Americans who may not have known how STUPID, DUMB, IGNORANT, and full of CRAP democrats are.


sanmoratalla 6 days ago

all establishment is againts Trump . Comey as Clintons and Obamas are part this establishment also some republicans well conected .


Rufus_Wolfsen 6 days ago

Look up Project Dragnet - Hume.

Steve Qualls

Steve Qualls 6 days ago

There's plenty of evidence. Some just choose to ignore evidence in favor of special interest. We should stop funding these so called"intelligence" agencies.

Lightwish Light

Lightwish Light 6 days ago

Their IS real proof that the wiretapping took place. Drudge Report and InfoWars have both posted real evidence. The Democrats will call it fake, but it's definitely legit. Trump is simply waiting to release his proof so that the MSM and the Democrats can dig a deeper hole.

Empire of Chaos

Empire of Chaos 6 days ago

How embarrassing to have a President who calls out the deep state. The big item here is that the President is not as powerful as we are led to believe and what was laughed at as a conspiracy theory, (The Deep state) is now an obvious reality. If Trump goes down, then democracy and freedom will be revealed as the illusions they are.

John Kimantas

John Kimantas 6 days ago

The FBI confirms a criminal investigation into the White House and this guy can only say it will give Democrats ammunition. Is that what's it's about? Partisan politics only? Don't Republicans care what's at the root, good or bad, or is circling the wagons to protect the WH the most important thing no matter the truth?

Fake News

Fake News 6 days ago

People aren't to smart these days! They are purposely asking the wrong people and not including the right questions. such as (has the FBI or any other federal agency received, been given, or obtained information of foreign investigations on Trump involving phone, internet, or voip communications) ?   WHY WASN'T THAT ASKED???????


BelieveandTrustJesus 6 days ago

I don't see how Fox is any different from CNN etc. I keep seeing satanic rubbish content from them like constant fearmongering, constant unnecessary, irrelevant reports of people being raped, kidnapped non stop etc. and now this liberalist propaganda...soon boycotting Fox I think...they're junk like CNN.

faisal saeed

faisal saeed 6 days ago

Trump is going down. He will be the Nixon of this era.

WaW Moose

WaW Moose 6 days ago

remember when trump said he had evidence obama wasn't born in america and it was gonna come our real soon!!!
and ofc he had jack shit. exact same thing here.
facts dont matter for trump, but most his supporters dont seem to care

Grateful Dude

Grateful Dude 6 days ago

Britt Hume is a continuing embarrassment.

James Cooper

James Cooper 6 days ago

Trump will die before he admits he's a liar.

Big League Smalls

Big League Smalls 6 days ago

Everyone knows our government conducts surveillance on EVERYONE. If you don't think Trump was surveilled, I have a bridge to sell you. #FAKENEWS

King Kaymen

King Kaymen 6 days ago

Trump has access to all the truth. This is just a trap for the democrats.
Who wants to start betting???
Check the news fags I was right.

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