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How Brazil's 'Valley of Death' fought back - BBC News
Published: 1 week ago By: BBC News

Cubatao in Brazil was notorious for lethally high levels of air pollution, which led to malformations in newborn babies and widespread health problems. But by the early 1990s, the city known as the "Valley of Death" had fought back, cutting pollution levels by 90%. However, Cubatao is still among the most polluted cities in the region, and must work hard to maintain cleaner air.
Camilla Costa reports.

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принцесса чебухчеева 1 week ago

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xguy 1 week ago

BBC News❗️Polluting the content with DISTRACTING music ➕ competing captions versus dialogue and visuals is just plain flat out STUPID. Stop loading us with crowded clutter and artsy fartsy mood molestation‼️⛔️‼️

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Elrick Montezano granado 1 week ago

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Seasons Beatings 1 week ago

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