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Paris shooting: Gunman was 'focus of anti-terror' probe - BBC News
Published: 1 month ago By: BBC News

The gunman who shot dead a policeman in Paris on Thursday has been identified from papers left in his car, but French officials are yet to release his name. Local media say the 39-year-old lived in the city's suburbs, and had been seen as a potential Islamist radical. The gunman wounded two police officers before being shot dead by security forces on the Champs Elysees.
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Mark Jones

Mark Jones 4 weeks ago

please wake up, trump is a puppet of the military war complex, there is no difference between him and H Clinton. its just packaged in a different way to the masses.

Michael Ayden

Michael Ayden 1 month ago

Vote Le Pen.. We've won Brexit and have our conservative government. USA have Trump.. Things are looking up! Vote Le Pen and we can all stand together.

Swind Pendulum

Swind Pendulum 1 month ago

In 4 years time Europe will be at war. French have chosen the weakest of all candidates, I am talking about Macron.


georgka74 1 month ago

Fake garbage again!

handsoffmygun MF

handsoffmygun MF 1 month ago

Time to ban Islam from western countries. Also time to evacuate all Christians and non Muslims, from Muslim countries, because they are being persecuted. Why are we helping Muslim refugees, when we should be helping Christians and other groups like Yezidis that are being victimized by these savages?


Yubmench 1 month ago

You do bad thing to people..people will do bad thing to you...that's how it is!


StonedApe 1 month ago

"he got out a Kalashnikov" I see strict European gun laws are still working flawlessly...

Nico Val

Nico Val 1 month ago

Its not a coincidence that they are interviewing muslims.
They try to show them as victims.

Nicholas Kevin

Nicholas Kevin 1 month ago

trying to understand why women love or dream to visit Paris

Steve The slayer

Steve The slayer 1 month ago



SURREAL Studios 1 month ago

I wish I was there

James Brown Jr

James Brown Jr 1 month ago

RT news are showing Palestine human rights propaganda

Marc Z

Marc Z 1 month ago

Why the media good people don't reveal his national / ethnic origin, just say he was "French"? Yeah, "Karim Cheurfi" is a typical French name. If he were a non-French European then even if he were born in France in the tenth generation, his national / ethnic origin would be instantly revealed and trumpeted about by the media people, wouldn't it? That's kind of RACIST, isn't it?


priya 1 month ago

can we ban liberals and leftist too??

Brian Mead

Brian Mead 1 month ago

Clearly a False Flag!..... Staged Before rigged Election for Martial Law style Security around Candidates with globalist foreign policy.

Raghav Sharma

Raghav Sharma 1 month ago

muslims are terrorists!

Mark Jones

Mark Jones 1 month ago

you should vote le pen to get out of the EU. but i will say please look up a book called war is a scam, type in false flag in you tube , type in Rothschild banking. there a bigger forces at work than a made up cia isis people, wake up to the world you live in investigate history. who makes money off war?

Mark Jones

Mark Jones 1 month ago

BBC is the oldest bias propaganda mind control outlet in the world, it's up there with CNN in usa. please wake up to the crap.

Yelena Malinovskaya

Yelena Malinovskaya 1 month ago

Le Pen for president or France will die

Sean Sandberg

Sean Sandberg 1 month ago


Eugene Spicer

Eugene Spicer 1 month ago

I will never go to Europe to many terrorist are there. France is no longer France.

Hagag Hamed

Hagag Hamed 1 month ago

i know this cycle.... the islamist nuthouse fail to enforce their stupid saudi ideology on society start blowing up shit thinking this will get them what they want through fear... fascist nationalists start rising to face the threat... do it for while then things start deteriorating as they keep asking to violate more of the citizens rights to face terrorism and it just keeps going down from there... they should make sociology study about it... the experiment is ongoing someone just need to collect the data for later analysis

Andy Ayala

Andy Ayala 1 month ago

France, a lib cesspool

Safaa Atassi

Safaa Atassi 1 month ago

Why are they speaking in English!? Isn't it France!!!!!

eric lovelace

eric lovelace 1 month ago

France is fucked thanks to the likes of the bbc.

Edgar Tapia

Edgar Tapia 1 month ago

What are they saying?


Greeny202a 1 month ago

France will follow the Anglo world with a move away from the left.


MR BLACK 1 month ago

If nothing is done against far right muslims Europe will end up in a civil war.

Logically Brainwashed

Logically Brainwashed 1 month ago

LE PEN 2017!!!
Globalist filth like the bbc must be held accountable for destroying Europe.

Mike Stanovich

Mike Stanovich 1 month ago

France brought this merde"  on themselves by letting the EU and specifically MERKEL walk over the country with their stupid pro-immigration policies.  France, one of the nicest countries on the planet is turning into a hellhole . France WAKE UP!!! . EXIT the EU!!!! Say NO, to the evil plans the EU has for Europe. Then sift through the immigrants and DEPORT those that have no place in the country...

MAGA Zillions

MAGA Zillions 1 month ago

A Known Wolf!

ghost walk

ghost walk 1 month ago

Did I miss the part about the gunman being the focus of an anti-terror probe? I don't believe they mentioned that

Rameel Benjamin

Rameel Benjamin 1 month ago

Look Muslims please stop
They are such idiots
STOP shooting people
You idiots it not right
Who cares bout the idiot allah MUHAMAD
He is the idiot one man
Go flip him of
He needs to get banned being allah he is stupid


energetically1 1 month ago

but but but but "Not All"

Chad Rushing

Chad Rushing 1 month ago

Time to stop doing terror watch lists and pro actively deport these Muslim murderers. The blood of these policemen and civilians is on the hands of the government failing to protect the people.

Walter Black

Walter Black 1 month ago

Frexit soon.

Henry Jefferson

Henry Jefferson 1 month ago

Vive Marine ! 🇫🇷


RaveN 1 month ago

These things will just continue to happen until somebody removes the problem. That problem being Islam in the West.

Abu Waheeb

Abu Waheeb 1 month ago

France is a evil warmongering nation and karma is karma

Paddle Face

Paddle Face 1 month ago

Why do you always interview those races after one of these attacks? It was the same in your London attack videos. It's too noticeable and we all know why.

Lemmon Grabs

Lemmon Grabs 1 month ago

Religion of peace strikes agian


steve119md 1 month ago



CobraVideos 1 month ago

If you don't for Le Pen, you as well consider your country dead.

Eb theDoc

Eb theDoc 1 month ago

@ L exprinto. BS; talk about a staged attack by Putin's minions. Does France want to go the way of America? Wake up!


12ttttttttt 1 month ago

fake terrorism

Fel Ani

Fel Ani 1 month ago

When stark insanity meets complacent blindness......

Wenyi Yang

Wenyi Yang 1 month ago

Heads should roll. These incompetent intelligence people in charge of security let the attacks happen again and again.

Good Samaritan

Good Samaritan 1 month ago

What a tragedy in one of the worlds greatest cities. Viva la France. We stand in solidarity with the Parisians and French people against this senseless violence.

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