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The Boss Baby - A Tale Not As Old As Time | official trailer #3 (2017)
Published: 1 month ago By: moviemaniacsDE

official trailer for The Boss Baby

Russell Cairnie

Russell Cairnie 21 hours ago

Boss Baby just want to say I LOVE KITTENS

Yuu Life

Yuu Life 3 days ago

DNCE's Blown!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Preme Chillout

Preme Chillout 5 days ago

Actually at the first time I thought he was a baby version of Donald Trump 😂😂😂😂

Lucas José Ceballos Marín

Lucas José Ceballos Marín 5 days ago

0:07 boss baby playing with Lumiere and cogworth from the beauty and the beast

Emily Porschitz

Emily Porschitz 5 days ago

definitly a deal breaker

Jasmine HO

Jasmine HO 7 days ago

Baby boss look like Donal trump

Elai Zachary Ortega

Elai Zachary Ortega 1 week ago

MARCH 31 more like April 16

TNT CraftMaster

TNT CraftMaster 1 week ago

he reminds me of Donald J Trump

Faith Howard

Faith Howard 1 week ago


Tamás Héb

Tamás Héb 1 week ago

0:50 ohh so cute

Mag the girl

Mag the girl 2 weeks ago

lol tale as not old as time

Andy is Candy

Andy is Candy 2 weeks ago

That chubby baby is so cute when he is dancing.

Teresa Smith

Teresa Smith 2 weeks ago

T _ T Barf


DanaKat07 2 weeks ago


Anayansi Sanchez

Anayansi Sanchez 2 weeks ago

la bella y la bestia

Jarl Holm

Jarl Holm 2 weeks ago

I got a frickin boss baby ad

Iliana Cuevas

Iliana Cuevas 2 weeks ago

I love Forever Puppy!😍😍

Jack Dolan 2

Jack Dolan 2 2 weeks ago

I slaw it XD it's so funny

Kyle Kim

Kyle Kim 3 weeks ago

Boss Baby the best

Tosha Davis

Tosha Davis 3 weeks ago

that dog is cute (the one in the beginning)


JayKay 3 weeks ago

I just love looking at their lips XD

xPichu Gaming

xPichu Gaming 3 weeks ago

"And I'll clean your clock"
woah what

Patron Gaming

Patron Gaming 3 weeks ago

0:00 did anyone realize that it is beauty and the beast

Peacock 8181

Peacock 8181 3 weeks ago

I watched Beaty and the Beast today 😏

The Great Jampyrus

The Great Jampyrus 3 weeks ago


cheetah tiger

cheetah tiger 3 weeks ago

his a baby but the voice looks so old😜

Maya Mendez

Maya Mendez 3 weeks ago

I love puppy's

Lillian Lavalette

Lillian Lavalette 3 weeks ago


Gavdeslayer29900 FNaF Plush And Gaming

Gavdeslayer29900 FNaF Plush And Gaming 3 weeks ago

I saw a beauty and the beast vibe in the beginning


ColorfulSkyStudios 3 weeks ago

You know a little thing that always gets on my nerves? At 0:48 The animation of the parent's arms look really strong, like they're going to really slam those coffee cups. But no, it's just a little clink. Anyone else feel the same way, or am I just full of OCD?

Joseph Applegate

Joseph Applegate 3 weeks ago


john feng

john feng 3 weeks ago

He's so cute ❤️🙌🏻👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼

Toriel or Katka

Toriel or Katka 3 weeks ago

did i hear?..... 31.3.?! MY FUC*ING B-DAY!!!!!

Stealing Steelix

Stealing Steelix 3 weeks ago

Well that was from beauty and the beast

Peridot Caterson

Peridot Caterson 3 weeks ago

cogsworth and lumiere

Stephanie Racelis

Stephanie Racelis 3 weeks ago

did anyone notice the toy he was playing with is like the candle and the clock from beauty and the beast

Ferrari Fan something like that

Ferrari Fan something like that 3 weeks ago

at 1:39 when you hear i see you baby get it because its a baby and it says shaking that thing that means that its his private part LOL

Liv Uy

Liv Uy 3 weeks ago

Whats the title of the song?Its cute

Sophia Anne Mikaela Lozada

Sophia Anne Mikaela Lozada 3 weeks ago

Lumiere: Come one step closer, and I'll illuminate you with a soft glow."
Cogsworth: And I'll clean your clock! (?)
starts kissing violently

Sophia Anne Mikaela Lozada

Sophia Anne Mikaela Lozada 3 weeks ago

that beginning though...

and to think that my Lumiere x Cogsworth ship is going to be referenced...

Crum Bix

Crum Bix 3 weeks ago

the toys in the first part are from beauty and the beast

Weird IsMyMiddleName

Weird IsMyMiddleName 3 weeks ago

Is Dreamworks pretending to copy Disney because this movie and the new Beauty and the Beast movie came out at around the same time lol

Skittle_ Studios

Skittle_ Studios 3 weeks ago

Ughh y how about instead of watching trailers, watch the movie TODAY like I just did


CRAZY KASI 3 weeks ago

where I live the movie came on my birthday April the 1st

Alice Porter

Alice Porter 3 weeks ago


Lydia Roshong

Lydia Roshong 3 weeks ago

I'm happy the babies won because I don't like puppies. 👶

Pizza Girl

Pizza Girl 3 weeks ago

There's a reference to Beauty and the Beast

Marcus Salazar

Marcus Salazar 3 weeks ago

the movie was rlly good saw it saturday

A Elaine

A Elaine 3 weeks ago

Thumbnail 0:50 OMG I thought that was a panda

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