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Vevo - HOT THIS WEEK: Mar. 17, 2017
Published: 1 week ago By: Vevo

Vevo 1 week ago

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HOT THIS WEEK: Mar. 17, 2017. Our weekly wrap-up show covers the biggest premieres and best Vevo originals from this week as well as what's on tap for next week! Find out what’s new! © 2017 Vevo

Watch all the new videos in our Hot This Week playlist:

Pitbull & J Balvin ft. Camila Cabello - Hey Ma (Spanish Version) http://vevo.ly/RcLzjZ
Lorde - Liability (Live on SNL/2017) http://vevo.ly/RtBjFu
Rick Ross ft. Young Thug & Wale - Trap Trap Trap http://vevo.ly/kwNsdB
Russ - Aint Nobody Takin My Baby http://vevo.ly/p9E4WF
Joey Bada$$ - Land of the Free http://vevo.ly/3pDhMC
DJ Premier ft. Miguel - 2 LOVIN U http://vevo.ly/ZPOzyu
dscvr: Julia Michaels http://vevo.ly/OoZryK
CNCO ft. Zion & Lennox - Reggaetón Lento (Bialemos) http://vevo.ly/b5iYyB

harmonizer 7/27

harmonizer 7/27 2 days ago

camila cabello😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

i am no kardashian

i am no kardashian 2 days ago

They should have put negative marks around "hot"

Heda Fan de séries5HLM

Heda Fan de séries5HLM 2 days ago

heyyyy ma 💕
it's cabeyo btw

ιиѕαиιту ιѕ тαкιиg σνєя

ιиѕαиιту ιѕ тαкιиg σνєя 2 days ago

What the fuck even is music anymore? Honestly I used to think the music I listened to was gay but Jesus fucking Christ.

mahony mahony

mahony mahony 3 days ago

oh my god. that's terrible

hadi moradi

hadi moradi 3 days ago

It's Camila CABE-YO. Get your facts right!

Uchiha Ron

Uchiha Ron 3 days ago

I prefer sample plan even though their a music but not a vevo :p

Nouala Omar

Nouala Omar 3 days ago

#algeria Camila cabello 💗💗💗💘

Marketing Negocios

Marketing Negocios 3 days ago

Solo vine por Selena Gomez y no hablaron de ella la pusieron solo para que abriéramos el Link, porque sabe que somos más... Idiotas

Marketing Negocios

Marketing Negocios 3 days ago

#Selenagomez I love you ♥

Ezzeldeen Ismael

Ezzeldeen Ismael 4 days ago



JaureguiMyDiva 4 days ago

Camila CabeLo? foi isso mesmo que eu escutei produção??

Alonso Salazar

Alonso Salazar 4 days ago

#CNCO representando los Latinos #RealHastaLaMuerte

maha al twaim

maha al twaim 5 days ago

Russ 😢❤️❤️❤️

VIG channel

VIG channel 5 days ago

Hy guys, check this story and help please. a young guy with sever problem need some help.

Christian Villareal

Christian Villareal 6 days ago

I never thought Camila Cabello can speak Spanish!

Suzy Yu

Suzy Yu 6 days ago

bts too💕💕❤❤❤

Mariah Jones

Mariah Jones 6 days ago



KAYPATIPHAN Official 6 days ago

บ่าวนี้หรอยย Follow KAYPATIPHAN

Não olhe a foto de perfil

Não olhe a foto de perfil 6 days ago

Não leia meu nome

Arare Re

Arare Re 6 days ago

절간이네 ㅋ 코스프레기대할게 ㅋㅋ사단장들 말잘들어라 ㅋ괜히 사단장이아냐 ㅎ

Sann Dohmo

Sann Dohmo 6 days ago

all are suckkksss

Arare Re

Arare Re 6 days ago


Arare Re

Arare Re 6 days ago



Ex4MARC 7 days ago

What's that song that goes superhero...tunna nanana superhero.....

Smart Machines

Smart Machines 7 days ago

great video

Kareem Fevrier

Kareem Fevrier 7 days ago


thais sereno

thais sereno 7 days ago

Camila what?? the corect pronumce is: Camila Cabeyo, i think!

Lany Nelnnock

Lany Nelnnock 7 days ago

Camila CABELO? Esse cara é Brasileiro...só pode

Caitlin Jauregui

Caitlin Jauregui 7 days ago

Cabello is pronounced as Cabeyo✌

Rosanny Alberto

Rosanny Alberto 7 days ago

Camila cabello 😍

Rajesh Banerjee

Rajesh Banerjee 7 days ago

all are greats....👍👌👌👌😀

Milena Cabello

Milena Cabello 7 days ago

Hey Ma ❤

قناة منوعات- variety Channel

قناة منوعات- variety Channel 1 week ago

subscribe to my channel

candy karie

candy karie 1 week ago

Please don' stop doing this! :D

Fernanda Young

Fernanda Young 1 week ago

camila cabelo


Loonah 1 week ago



ecomunky 1 week ago

235 N Whitney St, St Augustine Molly Jones free weed come over. lol


Dianabarashka 1 week ago

Чтоб ты сдох

Kamakshya Pruseth

Kamakshya Pruseth 1 week ago

Pronounced "Cabello" wrong. Its CabeYo

Mattia Antonelli

Mattia Antonelli 1 week ago

Bad music this week 😰😰😰

saya haya

saya haya 1 week ago

It's C-A-B-E-Y-O(Cabello)

Sam Brown

Sam Brown 1 week ago

Mainstream stay pushing the lamest songs and the lamest artists while the real talented people get no airplay or attention

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson 1 week ago



ARIANA'S FAN 1 week ago

wath is this?

Timóteo Oliveira

Timóteo Oliveira 1 week ago

I didnt like any song... All crap

I am a llama

I am a llama 1 week ago

You said camilla's name wrong

Deep 1995

Deep 1995 1 week ago

hey ma .....love from india...

Johnny Mendoza

Johnny Mendoza 1 week ago

After four years of fame people don't even know how to say her last

Eminem VEVO

Eminem VEVO 1 week ago

Muito bom

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