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This Google Maps Mystery Still Has Investigators Stumped
Published: 1 month ago By: Science Channel

What on Earth?
Analysis reveled that these strange shapes were probably made around 800 BCE. But what they mean and who put them there remains a mystery.
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The Anonymous one

The Anonymous one 2 weeks ago

Iron age does that mean 2017 is the techno age

Jupiter The Giant

Jupiter The Giant 3 weeks ago

i found it on google earth :P

valefor helel

valefor helel 1 month ago

What if they were made by the soviests during the Cold War? And because of the climate there it seems to be much older.


Dupleng 1 month ago

its a fidget spinner (0:19)

Vinay Seth

Vinay Seth 1 month ago

'Dates from a time before written history began' - I doubt that claim. The Indus Valley civilisation was recently found to be at least 3000 years older than previously suspected, i.e. dating back to 6000 bc as opposed to 3000 bc according to previous site discoveries. These Indus Valley settlers were an agricultural society and used to trade with coins with inscriptions on them. One could argue that these undeciphered coins contain historical data- although different from the historicization activities of later times, I wouldn't completely discount them to be containing 'written history'.

I expect better reportage from a science channel.

GreyWolf Official

GreyWolf Official 1 month ago

Alien landing site ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Sam Drummee

Sam Drummee 1 month ago

Intergalactic Banksy


RazzerRaw 1 month ago

1:58 The bird was the cutting edge Technology.

Brian Adams

Brian Adams 1 month ago

I bet Borat was behind this..

Landon Michael

Landon Michael 1 month ago

Last night I saw this show for the first time on Science Channel. You had panelists that went on for 10 minutes about a satellite photo of the giant rubber duck in hong kong harbor. And your panelists said the most incredible things like,"I've never seen something that bizarre in my life", and," it must be a fake, photoshop, there's no way a 50' wide rubber ducky exists." Then at the end your narrator admitted it was a WORLD FAMOUS TOURING ART INSTALLATION. It's WELL documented. Seriously lost respect for Science Channel after that. That's not science, that's pandering to lowest denominator couch potatoes.


prdamico 1 month ago

theres also a giant unside down pentacle in Kazakhstan

Chilly Soda

Chilly Soda 1 month ago

(only SU fans will get this

Mr. Sr. Lol

Mr. Sr. Lol 1 month ago

The starting of rituals that started the existence of dumbasses. WOW

Ms. Creep

Ms. Creep 1 month ago


Espeon Pokémon

Espeon Pokémon 1 month ago

O-o this almost scared the f out of me

Issac Moe

Issac Moe 1 month ago

10 years ago

Alex Bailey

Alex Bailey 1 month ago

looks like they were planning out a pyramid


Driftar 1 month ago

It was borat he from there

mark jones

mark jones 1 month ago

I would think that the question of,  "Who were they meant for?" would be obvious, since they can only be correctly perceived from high-altitude or at the very least, where these individuals would be coming from. Just saying…


blaze1951 1 month ago

"Just searching through online satellite imagery" Yea right dude what are the odds of anyone just scrolling over this stuff out of random

KING Pedro

KING Pedro 1 month ago


Liza Pie

Liza Pie 1 month ago


steveweed universe

steveweed universe 1 month ago


Brian Stevens

Brian Stevens 1 month ago

another google mystery is why do they fuzz out landfills

Lucy Lauridsen

Lucy Lauridsen 1 month ago

That's really cool. Reminds me of the chillies that blanket the ground red

Angel Diaz

Angel Diaz 1 month ago

Probably their own version of zodiac symbols

Mysteries And Thoughts

Mysteries And Thoughts 1 month ago

I also create Mystery and Conspiracy Videos!
Have you ever heard of the Magian Society or Bruno Borges?
If not,check out my chaneel!YOU WONT REGRET IT!

Lukas Becker

Lukas Becker 1 month ago

Lets play a game
Every 5th like that person DIES

Jordan Glean

Jordan Glean 1 month ago


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