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Behold, The Hover Bike!
Published: 1 week ago By: Science Channel

This man from England built his own hovering bike! Learn how he did it, and the science at play behind it!
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Alan Valdovinos

Alan Valdovinos 6 days ago

it is a flying motorcycle cause it has no pedals


ozziew007 6 days ago

Funny how the title and the thumbnail try and suggest that they made it.


elfboi523 6 days ago

Technically, that machine is a helicopter.


CruelQuertos 6 days ago

New title: """science people""" react to old youtube videos

Piccio is Polyphagic

Piccio is Polyphagic 6 days ago

and that's when military contacted him

David Cummings

David Cummings 6 days ago



magzire 6 days ago

he's making a new bumper car for the stig to drive. 100hp bike engine.. gonna be nuts


L0N3R 7 days ago

At this point 'outrageous acts of science' is just stealing YouTube video's, making obvious comments on it and trying to pass it off as original content

Kitsch Puffer Fish

Kitsch Puffer Fish 7 days ago

It needs more cowbell

supitsjustin 123

supitsjustin 123 7 days ago

Count me in


STORMY NATERO 7 days ago


Will Page

Will Page 7 days ago

Subscribe to my Chanel $200 give away coming soon

Pedro Rocha

Pedro Rocha 7 days ago

a loion, a flying loion

Andres Ricardo

Andres Ricardo 7 days ago


Ardiak Beltz

Ardiak Beltz 7 days ago

Great!! Is more near to a airrodeo mechabull than a Star Wars speeder bike, but looks great..and little by little..i want 1 customitsed like a dieselpunk Harley chopper motorcycle..XD


Rawtill420 7 days ago

This is a hover motorcycle not a bike a bike would be powered by your legs who tittled this video 😂 ?


Rawtill420 7 days ago

Your legs are not what powers it therefore it's not a "bike"

Valentino Vigilante

Valentino Vigilante 7 days ago

Some constructive criticism is to add another 2 propellers on each side for steering stability. and those could possibly be controlled with shifts to be able to bob left and right too.

Mr Epic McAwesome

Mr Epic McAwesome 7 days ago

Couldn't you add two motors side by side at the front and two at the back to increase the lift?

Jarid Gaming

Jarid Gaming 7 days ago

it's honestly appalling that you wouldn't link his channel in the description to send traffic to his channel you should know this. you are a network start acting like one and give credits in videos

Honza Donát

Honza Donát 7 days ago

on 0:40 you can see the rope...

Nur Thabrani

Nur Thabrani 1 week ago

you steal a video from colin furze? unsubs

mad kobra

mad kobra 1 week ago

cool beans. can it raise fat feminists off the ground?


theylied1776 1 week ago

Well this so-called hoverbike is just an engineering thought experiment. The US Air Force came up with a hover platform in the late 50's and abandoned it because the best flight time you can hope for is 30 minutes. Unless and until Engineers come up with a power supply lite enough to power a hoverbike or jetpack these devices will be nothing more than engineering thought experiments.

By yhe wsy, the stability would be greatly increased if he added a gyroscope.

Ryan Davidson

Ryan Davidson 1 week ago

Nice steal from Colin furze

Torbjörn Lindholm

Torbjörn Lindholm 1 week ago

Damn you Collin! why do you have to be so awesome!

Belieber :D

Belieber :D 1 week ago


Bradley Graham

Bradley Graham 1 week ago



DasEtwas 1 week ago

wow it took you 5 months to notice the video


Phriendsy 1 week ago

"needed to build" Lol


lonewolfnmoon 1 week ago

just reduce the blades a bit and add in another pair in a long x design. then borrow the chip set from a quadcopter for gps stabilization steering power etc. Make your own quad bike in the backyard relatively cheap.


logolou 1 week ago

Love It

Top Fives

Top Fives 1 week ago


Steve Fink

Steve Fink 1 week ago

it needs a rear skeg and it will fly much better moving forward

Gabriel Rivera

Gabriel Rivera 1 week ago

I would definitely ride that above water

mr. matrix

mr. matrix 1 week ago

colifurze does it again.

Subrata Paul

Subrata Paul 1 week ago


Hudson Blanco

Hudson Blanco 1 week ago

If you want to know more about that crazy inventor, check out "colinfurze". it's very good.

Elizabeth Long

Elizabeth Long 1 week ago


ivan dominguez

ivan dominguez 1 week ago

That's amazing!


AlumanimFoilCreator 1 week ago


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