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Earl St. Clair - Vevo Meets: Earl St.Clair
Published: 5 days ago By: Vevo

Vevo Meets: Earl St. Clair

Earl St. Clair didn’t start out as a singer. Coming up in Montgomery, Alabama, he focused on making beats, inspired by his cousin’s bedroom production work with Fruity Loops software. He was hooked instantly. No one in his immediate family played an instrument or made music, so it was a unique situation. After a chance visit to a studio vocal booth, he discovered that also had a unique singing voice – passion and power were part of every phrase. Behind the producer lay an artist. And not only that, a kick-ass performer. St. Clair’s animated stage show harks to the intensity of old-school soul legends.

His ‘My Name Is Earl’ EP is getting a strong critical buzz, and contains the tracks “Man on Fire” and “Good Time.” Dramatic and joyous stuff, respectively - it’s been said that he’s kicking classic R&B into the future. His pal and label mate Bibi Bourelly is a strong supporter and occasional collaborator. Don’t miss their “Perfect” video.

In his Vevo Meets session, St. Clair tells us about artists that inspire him (everyone from Ray Charles and James Brown to Andre 3000 and Kanye West), some of the first shows he ever saw live, a favorite country song that he’s written, his love of cooking, and other subjects.

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Earl St. Clair
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/earlsaintclair/
Twitter – https://twitter.com/earlsaintclair
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/earlsaintclair/


op سنفور

op سنفور 3 days ago

إشترك في قناتي وأكتب تم أشتركلك في قناتك فورا

Federico Ariel Sánchez

Federico Ariel Sánchez 4 days ago

Love his music, I really hope he goes far in the industry


ШУТЕРНОЙ 4 days ago

это конечно все прикольно но хозяин канала безпринципное чмо если есть вопросы охотноотвечу любому


Dj TRILOBIT 5 days ago

Hi people! I'm a DJ producer, I'm asking for the channel!)))

jupiter is a bean

jupiter is a bean 5 days ago

i love his song good time !!!! I'm so glad he's getting some recognition

Lia Demetriou

Lia Demetriou 5 days ago

It's weird that they have 13m subs but hardly no likes and views

Sakshat Shinde

Sakshat Shinde 5 days ago

you just spammed my sub box wtf vevo , can you not !

Armen ia

Armen ia 5 days ago


Hand Made

Hand Made 5 days ago

7th comment:)

Kimberly K

Kimberly K 5 days ago


top world

top world 5 days ago

6 th


Nactrotis 5 days ago


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